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Released October 27th 2006

Tony Vinci: guitar, guitar synth, keyboard, drum programming, synth programming, (bass on “My Final Sin” and “Still Life”)
Dave Callari: bass, harmony vocals (“Shallow”), drum programming
Rich Dellapietra: keyboard on “Down,” “Shallow,” and
“Waiting For . . .”
Richard Fink IV: lead and harmony vocals

Track Listing
01. Still Life
02. Rescue Me
03. Waiting for....
04. Down
05. My Final Sin
06. Close to the Sky
07. Shallow
08. Nothing

Recorded at Tiree Studios (Rochester, NY).
Mixed and Mastered at Richard IV Studios (Bergen, NY).
Produced by Tony Vinci, David Callari, and Richard Fink.

Official Websites
www.speakingtostones.com                    www.myspace.com/speakingtostones

Press Inquiries / Interviews
Speaking To Stones are available for interview via phone in the USA with 3 days notice. For all other territories email interview is available, to arrange your publication/webzines interview please contact the Lion Music team at promo@lionmusic.com

Incorporating influences as diverse as Progressive to RandB, Speaking To Stones musical style encompasses many different styles and genres. Bands such as Rush, Dream Theater and King’s X may be obvious at first listen but numerous plays of the CD also reveals touches of Marillion, Soundgarden and Peter Gabriel just to name a few. Though the CD has its fair share of chops-laden technicality, there is also strong attention given to making progressive music that grooves and has strong melodic sensibilities. One does not need to be a fan of only progressive music per se to enjoy the broad musical styles that ruminate throughout the CD.

Speaking To Stones the album was written between the Fall of 2004 and the Summer of 2006, the songs that comprise the CD were written and recorded sporadically.  “Down,” Shallow,” and “Waiting For . . .” were written and recorded within a couple of months.  The rest of the songs were written and demoed in the Spring of 2004.  It took almost two years of faith and diligent effort to finally record the rest of the material and re-record parts of those original tracks to create the completed CD.

 Background history

In the Fall of 2004, Tony Vinci, David Callari, and Steve Germano began an unnamed band that aimed to meld the intense musicality of progressive rock with a modern “popular” sensibility.  A few songs were written, but the full chemistry needed for a band seemed to be absent, so Tony and David decided to finish writing and recording a CD together.  Along with Rich Dellapietra on keys and Richard Fink IV on vocals, they created a three-song demo.  At that point, due to schedules and life, Tony wrote the rest of the CD’s material on his own.  Once everything was written, David came back in to write and record bass for the majority of the rest of the CD.  Once David’s parts were finished, Richard Fink IV returned to record and finalise vocals and was responsible for the lion’s share of the vocal melody and harmony ideas.

Marketing & Promotion
→ Reviews at all leading rock/metal publications and online sites.
→ Album showcases at selected elite websites.

Selling Points
Speaking To Stones are an exciting new addition to the blossoming progressive scene.
 The band have been developing a big buzz on the underground scene.



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