Guitarist Chris Steberlís latest release "Reasons for a Decade" highlights not just his ability to perform all the songs himself but showcases his strong sense of melodic rock and songwriting ability. Chris learned to play the guitar at the age of 8, encouraged by his parents. He continued his studies up until age 15 when he began to slowly develop his own style on the guitar. He played in numerous bands through the years when finally, at the age of 24 he formed his instrumental band "ALCAZAR". The band received high acclaim from rock fans and musicians alike performing not only original material written by Chris, but cover songs from Malmsteen, Racer X, Macalpine and other guitar greats. The band continued itís success by winning the Battle of the Bands in Columbus, Oh without a vocalist and opened for Dream Theater, Tony Macalpine, Greg Howe, Foghat and many other name bands. ALCAZAR had made a name for itself and itís guitar player. The band released several works over the years with the lineup changing constantly. Chris then was asked to write material for a new Christian Rock singer Tammy Winters with Robert Sweet formerly with Stryper. The album received decent reviews but the financial backing wasnít there and the guitarist wanted to go back to his own original material. Chris released "Play Times Over" to show what he could do as a solo artist. To date the CD continues to do as well as one could expect without being signed to a major label. Chris became an endorsing artist with Brian Moore Guitars and continues to push his music across the world, teaching and performing whenever he can. His newest CD, Project : ALCAZAR "Reasons for a Decade", contains the bands versions of classical pieces from such composers as Mozart, Vivaldi and Mussorgsky. Tied in with his new original material, the CD is expected to draw much deserved attention around the world. After 6 months the CD is still having great success on with 6 of the 7 songs in the top 40 on the instrumental charts not to mention Mozarts 25th Symphony has held the number one slot for over 6 months now. This CD will more than hold itís own on in the instrumental market. In short Ė this CD kills!!!! Chris Steberl is a guitarist to watch for in the future. Whether it will be performing his instrumental music or playing guitar for a touring national act, you can bet his name will be seen again and again.