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  • Cyril Achard
    Superb French guitarist
  • Airless
    Spain's #1 melodic metal act.
  • Anand
    Dutch guitar virtuoso in the vein of Joe Satriani with drummer Mike Terrana.
  • Angel Of Eden
    Neo-Classical Power Metal feat Roger Staffelbach & Carsten Schulz.
  • Anthriel
    Stunning prog metal from Finland
  • Faraz Anwar
    Great guitarist from Pakistan.
  • Coste Apetrea
    Swedish prog rock legend
  • Artension
    Progressive Neo-Classical masters
  • Ashent
    Dark prog metal from Italy
  • Astra
    Progressive Metal in the vein of Dream Theater
  • Awake
    UK prog metal act in the vein of Evergrey



  • Day Six
    Dutch progressive three piece with great originality and stunning live show.

  • Delphian
    Female fronted prog from the Netherlands

  • De Gladas Kapell
    Classic prog from the 70's revisited

  • Docker's Guild
    Sci-Fi Prog Rock masterpiece by Douglas Docker with an all star cast.

  • Dogpound
    Melodic hard rock quartet from Sweden

  • The Dreamside
    One of Goth's most successful bands.

  • Dreyelands
    Melodic Prog Metal, a highlight of 2010






  • Imaginery
    Prog power metal from Bob Katsionis and Bjorn Jansson

  • Infinity Overture
    Symphonic Power Metal, with Niels Vejlyt (guitar) and Ian Parry (vocals)

  • Iron Mask
    Stunning neo-classical power metal from Dushan Petrossi

  • Massimo Izzizzari
    Guitar wizard from Italy, in the style of Greg Howe - very melodic.


  • Benny Jansson
    Swedish guitar ace of Tears Of Anger and Ride The Sky.

  • Jarra
    US classic heavy metal

  • Marcus Jidell
    Swedish metal guitar master of Evergrey and Royal Hunt delivers goes instrumental.

  • Anton Johansson's Galahad Suite
    Former Mister Kite bassist returns with a stunning epic prog rock/metal concept album entitled Galahad Suite.




  • John Macaluso & Union Radio
    Great new band from the former ARK / Malmsteen drummer, features James LaBrie and Marco Sfogli.

  • Alex Masi
    Grammy nominated guitar virtuoso

  • Dave Martone
    Canadian space age guitar

  • Mastercastle
    Italian metal featuring members of Labyrinth and Vision Divine

  • Mastermind
    Highly respected American prog rock outfit.

  • Lars Eric Mattsson
    Legendary Finish guitarist - prog/neo-classical

  • MCM
    Alex Masi, Randy Coven and John Macaluso push the power trio concept to the limit

  • Joe McGurk
    Guitarist of the prog metal band Opposing Motion
  • Hubi Meisel
    Ex Dreamscape vocalist delivers bold concept albums with a first class band ensemble.

  • Metal Majesty
    Valensia Clarkson's new band - Queen meets Whitesnake

  • Mind's Eye
    Swedish prog rock / metal band from Daniel Flores, Johan Niemann and Andreas Novak.

  • MindSplit
    Highly accomplished and original prog metal band

  • Missa Mercuria
    A progressive metal rock opera from members of Pink Cream 69, Silent Force and Vanden Plas.

  • Missing Tide
    Metal act feat ex members of Royal Hunt. Evil Masquerade and Pretty Maids.

  • Mister Kite
    Swedish progressive melodic metal act

  • Mistheria
    #1 keyboardist in the neo-classical genre.

  • Miosis
    Dark Prog rock ala Tool

  • Borislav Mitic
    The Canadian metal shredder returns!

  • Moonlight Comedy
    Italian Prog Metal

  • The Moor
    Stylish proto prog band similar to Opeth.

  • Rolf Munkes
    Empire / Vanize guitarist

  • Mystery Bloom
    US melodic hard rock 



  • Nightscape
    Power Metal from Sweden
  • No Gravity
    Progressive power metal from Simone Fiorletta with a cast of first rate vocalists.


  • Ohm
    Chris Poland's Fusion Band
  • Opposing Motion
    Progressive metallers with a powerful sound.
  • Orion Riders
    Italian symphonic power metal
  • OTR
    Classic rock from John Lawton (Uriah Heep) and Jan Dumee (Focus).
  • Overdrive
    Swedish trad metal masters return!


  • Palace Terrace
    Progressive Neo-Classical metal from George Bellas
  • Daniel Palmqvist
    Super melodic Swedish guitarist with great technique and touch.
  • Pangea
    Danish melodic hard rockers with a hint of Kings X to their sound, great vocal melodies.
  • Milan Polak
    Supremely gifted guitarist and singer songwriter
  • Chris Poland
    One of the most original guitarists in metal.
  • Project Alcazar
    Instrumental neo-classical with Chris Sterberl



  • Reign Of Terror
    Neo Classical metal from Joe Stump and Mike Vescera
  • Resistance
    US Power Metal with Thrash influences
  • Alberto Rigoni
    Virtuoso Italian bassist, and member of Twinspirits
  • Jose Del Rio
    Over the top neo-classical - fret melting speed
  • Roadhouse
    Blues based rcck act feat Lars Eric Mattsson




  • Valensia
    Valensia Clarkson returns
  • Vendetta
    UK's hottest new trad metal band fear Ed Box
  • Venturia
    French prog metallers with massive sound
  • Elias Viljanen
    Sonata Artica lead guitarists solo work
  • Virtual Mind
    Technical progressive metal with groove elements from Francesco Fareri and Tita Tanni.
  • Virus
    German modern metal exponents
  • Vision
    Melodic Hard Rock from Lars Eric Mattsson
  • VII Gates
    Trad Power Metal from Sweden, raise your devil horns!

  • Xanima
    Rock electronica with symphonic touches

  • Zeelion
    Scandie Rock with a hint of neo-classical
  • Zello
    Swedish prog in the vein of Kansas