available for the first time on CD in Europe, 2-4-1 contains two classic albums from CJSS, ‘World Gone Mad’ and ‘Praise the Loud’. CJSS was formed by guitar wizard David T. Chastain during early 1984 with two other members of the band Spike, drummer Les

Sharp and bassist Mike Skimmerhorn, and vocalist Russell Jinkens who had gained fame for his stint in local Cincinnati cover band Prizoner.

World Gone Mad was recorded in late 85 and released in early 86. David Chastain comments, “These were the tracks we had been playing since the band's beginning in late 84. "Communication Breakdown" was really just a track leftover from our cover band days in Spike that always seemed to go over well so we decided to include it on the Cd. I would say my personal favourites on the CD would be "No Man's Land" and "Living In Exile." The solo sections are still something I play in my practice routine. The track “Destiny" was always a big favourite with the female fans. For a first effort I thought it was pretty impressive”.

Praise The Loud was recorded in mid 86 and released in late 86. Chastain states, “This recording was a little better produced than WGM. Personal favourites include "Citizen of Hell" and "The Bargain." The track "Metal Forever" became the theme song for many radio stations during that era. "Out of Control" was usually the concert opener and rocked the house”.

Considering both Cds hit in the same year, needless to say, CJSS was a hot commodity during that time. In 87-88 they worked on material for a third CD but Chastain shifted his efforts towards his Chastain band as he had greater creative control. CJSS did release a third CD "Kings of the World" in 2000 but those songs were actually written back in 85-88. The band occasionally still plays reunion shows but no new recordings are planned.

David T. Chastain continues his assault on record buyers worldwide and today has well over 20 titles in his catalogue.