The Dreamside, formed by vocalist Kemi Vita (Satyrian) in 1994, opened their account the same year with “Pale Blue Lights” (Nuclear Blast). Consistent and well-received live shows helped spread the word about the band and resulted in a follow-up release in 1996, a rather surprising dance mini-album entitled “Nuda Veritas”.

1997’s “Apaika” revealed both the power and the diversity of the band with acoustic material, guitars, grand piano, some ethnic influences, flute, didgeridoo, different forms of percussion, all mixed with some heavier songs.

The album “Mirror Moon” finally appeared in May 2001, and marked something of a new start for the band. Guitars were a little louder and an album was created where metal, gothic, electro and ambient elements became equal..

2005 saw the release of “Spin Moon Magic” and a single, “Open Your Eyes”, taken from it. “A masterpiece of the Metal Female Voices genre,” is how UK metal magazine Fireworks described it: “a truly outstanding album which moves you from the depths of despair to full-on dance-floor mania.”

In 2007 The Dreamside celebrated their 13th anniversary by releasing “The 13th Chapter”, a remix album with 13 tracks featuring contributes from acts like Angels and Agony, Lunascape, Satyrian and Vigilante as well as duets with 18Summers, Born from Pain and the Japanese poet Kenji Siratori.


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