ENGINE OF PAIN is basically formed by Maurice Brouwers (a.o. Callenish Circle studio musician and several other bands) and Patrick Waltmans (ex-FIFTH, Dean Guitars Artist). From the beginning it was clear that the music should be massive, melodic, groovy and heavy. Few weeks later they decided to ask one of the best Dutch grunters if he'd like to join the new band: Nick Hameury (ex-FORM). Fortunately he said yes! Then Maurice checked if former After Forever drummer Joep Beckers was interested to do the drums. The foundation was established…

Several months after ENGINE OF PAIN was founded, Nick encountered Ruud Bänziger (ex- Defcon One). Ruud was the right person to complete the band and his inventive soloing and riffs pulled the band up to a higher level.

ENGINE OF PAIN recorded a MCDemo in February 2004 titled “Here is the Pain!”. Thanks to this MCDemo the Wacken Open Air organisation decided to invite the band to play at WACKEN OPEN AIR (15th anniversary): one of the largest metal festivals of the world with 43.000 visitors that year. That same year ENGINE OF PAIN played the final of the well known Dutch band competition Jägermeister / Aardschok METAL BASH. Also Patrick was asked to be Dean Guitars Artist.

Beginning of 2006 the band started to plan and implement their next step: recording a professional full length album including artwork. The result is a very tight, hard, aggressive, powerful and melodic album with strong, cool and contemplated lyrics and ditto artwork. It’s called “I Am Your Enemy” and will be released by Lion Music on January 26th 2007.

End of November 2006 the band enlisted a new guitar player: Bastiaan Kuiper. Bastiaan also is a member of the Dutch 80’s metal cover band Stormrider.


Engine Of Pain
I Am Your Enemy