Farther Paint are born in Pesaro, Italy, in 1995 by the common dream of Francesco Federici e Thomas Bianchi, to express their great passion for metal progressive music. During the years several musicians followed one another and just in1998 the band took shape and started to compose their first self-produced demo " The Last Day", completed in 2000. This work got a good result, It has been welcomed with favourable reviews in some different fanzine and Farther Paint won also a local musical contest reaching the first place as best group. This little victory gave to the band the wish and the strength to carry on with a new project, in fact in 2002 born the second demo self-produced, "Emotion from Point of not Return". But it hasn't been received with a great enthusiasm, neither by the critics nor by the public for various reasons. Abandoned this negative experience,they started to work again and in 2003, they gave birth to the third demo "My life's Impression", thanks which they obtained their first recording agreement. The debut album provoked positive criticism and so the band decided to play their music in local places, reaching a discreet success. Unfortunately some disagreements rose between the elements of the band and inevitably they broke up and followed different musical roads. In the 2006 from the meeting between Francesco and Gabriele Manocchi, springs a un immediate musical understanding and the desire to begin again the Farther Paint plan. They decided to recall two historical elements of the previuos band, Thomas Bianchi and Luca Prima and for completing the band and to find a new sonority, they looked for a singer who came from another kind of music. In fact with the arrivals of Monia Rossi the band finally was complete and ready to start to conceive a sound dissimilar from the preceding one. They put aside the work done in the past and adopted unusual composition and arrangement methods, for leaving open every practicable road. After two year of intense diligence and meticulous care for every detail, they are arrived at the last new album "Lose Control”, 2008, which boasts the cooperation with the Finnish label, Lion Music.



Farther Paint
Lose Control