Joop Wolters was born on 08-06-1971 in a Middelburg, Netherlands and is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s finest new breeds of virtuoso guitarists. Having been involved in the music scene on a recording level since 1995 with numerous solo albums and band projects under his belt, Joop’s trademark style is fast gaining a solid fan base around the world and with his soon to be released third solo album "Out Of Order" (June 15th 2007), Joop has raised his performances to even greater levels.

2000 saw Joop’s first partnership with Lion Music with "Arabesque – Beyond The Veil" and this was followed in 2002 with the release of Joop’s debut solo album on Lion Music entitled "Workshop". Joop then participated on Lion Music tribute albums to Uli Jon Roth, Gary Moore, Ritchie Blackmore and Shawn Lane.

"Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents" was released in 2004 which saw more critical acclaim poured onto Joop’s work which was further enhanced with by praise for his contributions to "Lalu - Oniric Metal".

Throughout the years Joop has always been active on the studio side doing all kind of diverse sessions from funk to jazz to metal to classical to pop to acoustic works…etc This diversity is also his trademark when it comes to his solo-releases. As well as being a player for commercial live-gigs ranging from pop, jazz, rock, fusion and metal. The last few years have also soon Joop working on the "Shadrane" project, with all kinds of great musicians all over the world, some names that participate on this project include Virgil Donati (Planet X, Vai), Simon Phillips, Mike Terrana, Steve Walsh, John Macaluso, Tony Franklin, Greg and Matt Bissonette…etc, the debut album from Shadrane entitled "Temporal" is set for release in late 2007 on Lion Music.

In addition Joop can also be seen regularly on the instrument trade show circuit demonstrating for Engl amps and BO-EL guitars.


Joop Wolters
Out Of Order
Joop Wolters
Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents
Joop Wolters
Gary Moore tribute
Give Us Moore!
Joop contributes 'The Loner'
Uli Jon Roth tribute
Beyond Inspiration
Joop contributes 'Sails Of Charon'
Blackmore's Castle
Tribute To Ritchie Blackmore
Joop contributes 'Stargazer'
Shawn Lane Remembered
Volume 1
Joop contributes 'Changing Lanes'
Beyond The Veil
Oniric Metal