In today's hard rock/metal music scene it is hard to come across a band that cannot only play proficiently, but write good music that is pure and honest. Just when you think you've heard it all, a 3 piece hard rock outfit from Japan comes from out of nowhere to blow your mind with a superb debut disc. Superb might not even be the right word to describe it, that's how good this record is throughout!

King of Darkness (aka K.O.D.) is the band and hard rock is their forte. This band delivers a powerful sound for a 3 piece, featuring the solid rhythm section of Tadayoshi Iwamoto on drums and Genta Nakamura on bass and vocals. As a guitar freak myself, K.O.D. mainman, Takahiro Hashimoto is a absolute delight to listen to and his playing is what any fan of rock guitar lives for. Takahiro's catchy melodic leads, technical-with-feel soloing, and driving rhythms are the core of the K.O.D. sound. Does this guy give lessons? If so sign me up!

Opener, "Feel the Fire" gets things started in fine fashion with its whaling guitar squeals and pounding riffs complete with a mindblowing solo from Takahiro. This is only just a small sampler of what the album on-the-whole delivers as the band forges solidly through 10 heavy melodic hard rockers such as, "Place Liberty," "Deceptive Victim," and the instrumental title track which showcases the band's musical proficiency. Even the one ballad, "Long Way," is great, complete with heartfelt vocals and beautiful melodic solo!

As a reviewer I know I am supposed to be critical of the discs I review, but to be honest, "Triple Whammy"'s only weakpoint is that it never leaves my cd player so I can put something else on.So, if you are a fan of well-written and played hard rock or just a fan of great guitar players, this purchase is a no-brainer! We need more bands like this in America, instead of lifeless modern rock!

So what are you waiting for, track this heavy guitar monster down and break out your air-guitar!

Steve Bauer
The Academy of Shred
88.5FM WRUR Rochester, NY (USA)

The band of " King of Darkness " formed by Takahiro Hashimoto (Lead Guitarist).
The beiginning of our band started with twin guitar style.

A drummer was fired.
We used drum machine on a few stages.
After a while, side guitarist left the band.

Recorded our for 1st demo tape (THE PRINCIPLE OF DARKNESS).
At the same time, We found a new drummer (Tadayoshi Iwamoto).

Have started to book live house for gigs since this year.

Made a 2nd demo tape (AGGRESSION IN RAGE).
We have continued gigs constantly.

Lead vocalist (Makoto Kifuji) left the band by the end of this year.
For a while, he has helped as a support vocalist for keeping up our band.
After that, live activity has been suspended.

Found a new vocalist (Kazuhiro Shimazu) through internet.

But He left the band after playing live only in February.

We started live activities as TRIO !

Recording 1st Album

1st Album "TRIPLE WHAMMY" is released from HIGHWAYS RECORDS in Sept.27th !

LION MUSIC releases "TRIPLE WHAMMY" in Europe