LALU is a Prog-Rock conceptual outing from French composer Vivien Lalu of Shadrane and Hubi Meisel, initiated during the fall of 2003. Vivien decided to gather a solid line-up for his first release ever - "Oniric Metal" - which features Ryan Van Poederooyen from (Devin Townsend Band) and Russell Bergquist (formerly from Annihilator). Also featured on this crushing debut are Joop Wolters (amazing guitar talent- also known as the guitarist of the dutch band Arabesque) and Martin LeMar from Tomorrow's Eve.

The music of LALU has been described as a "lavish and dreamy sound scape which takes the listeners to another world in which they don't want to leave". Vivien Lalu being a fan of new-age music, his material always been a melange between heavy parts & dreamy atmospheres created mostly by his work with the keyboards & various samples.