Marco Ferrigno biography

Am twenty eight years old, I started to play the guitar 13 years ago influenced by a brother that played clasical guitar. For many years I was playing the mainstream instrumental rock, in the begining I listen to much to Alex Skolnick, Yngwie and the early MacAlpine and then in 1996 I met Paul Hanson, he was my teacher and he made me a shredder, then I met Ernesto Homeyer,a very agressive player, he sounds like a mixture between Michael Harris and George Bellas, he sometimes was ask by Paul Hanson to perform some solos when some shredders challenged him musicaly, Ernesto made me sometimes throw the towell because he is very intense and mean as a shredder, but eventualy that formed my style as a guitar player,later Ernest put me to practice the sweeping techniques, at that time George Bellas havent appeared in the music scene and I really thought that in some ways Ernest was leading the way in G.I.T. then I started to get influenced by Tony MacAlpine.

Jason Becker was always mention by my teacher Paul Hanson who tought me his techniques.

During the recording of my demo "The Quest" the fatigue that I had in my left hand really affected the speed of my playing in general so I have to took brakes from time to time.

After The "Promised Land Experience Im still looking for my identity as a Guitar Player and hopefully some day I will find it.