Miosis was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in the late summer of 2005. The band had the vision to create music that was both emotional and complex. All the members were fans of melancholic bands like Radiohead and Massive attack, but also fans of heavy and progressive bands like Tool, Mars volta and Isis. With the poetry of drummer Mattias Axelsson they started to create music and found their own sound early in the process. In 2007 the band released the self produced EP "Konvolut" which was spread around the world and several fanzines gave it top reviews. Soon after the release of "Konvolut", the band decided to start working on a full length album "Albedo Adaptation" which was signed by Lion Music and released in January 2009.

Miosis are:
Erik Skoglund - Vocals
Henrik von Harten – Guitar
Mårten Bergkvist - Guitar, Synth
Mattias Axelsson, Drums
Mikael Mangs Edwardsson - Bass guitar



Albedo Adaptation