From Copenhagen, Denmark comes the new promising melodic hard rock/ heavy metal-act MISSING TIDE. Formed in 2007, the line-up consists of some of the most experienced and talented musicians from the Danish heavy metal scene with backgrounds in world wide releasing bands such as Royal Hunt, Pretty Maids, Manticora and Kingdom Come. With a basis in Kasper Gram’s consistent bass play and the pounding and energetic drums from Allan Tschicaja, combined with powerful guitar riffs from Jacob Kjaer and Henrik Brockmanns characteristic, intense and unique voice, MISSING TIDE produces a solid, melodic sound that cannot be ignored.

 On the debut album Follow the Dreamer, MISSING TIDE demonstrates how they manage to create a sound with roots in the eighties hard rock and heavy metal universe, that is still present and fresh. The eleven great songs of Follow the Dreamer are build upon heavy guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section, but with the melody hook lines in center. Put together, Follow the Dreamer is in every way a great rock album.

 Follow the Dreamer has everything from the more basic melodic metal tunes “Never Surrender“, “Fairytale“, and “Victim of a Crime“, to the more up-tempo songs such as “Traces of Fire“, “Push It to the Limit“ and the title song “Follow the Dreamer“, which all have a bit of elements of the neo-classical hard rock genre in them. On the emotional ballad “Broken Wings” the beat slows down a notch, which creates a bit of variation. The same goes for the final and heaviest song on the album, “Long Live the Heroes”. This song is a tribute to all the great hard rock bands of the eighties and takes MISSING TIDE back to their own youth, where they grew up listening to the music, that they love and live for to this day.

 Line up:
Henrik Brockmann (vocals)
Jacob Kjaer (guitars)
Kasper Gram (bass)
Allan Tschicaja (drums)


Jacob Kjaer – Guitar
Jacob was born in Copenhagen, 22 of january 1969 and his passion for music started in 1983 when a friend from school played him a tape with Judas Priest “Unleashed in the east”. He started to listen to bands like Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Saxon ect... In 1985 he began playing the drums in a school band but was so impressed with the two guitarists that he wanted to play the guitar himself. His early influences was James Hetfield and KK Downing. When he started to play more lead oriented things, he got inspiration from George Lynch and Michael Schenker and later went on to develop his own style. He met and became friends with Henrik Brockmann and they played in their first of many bands together. They both ended up playing in Royal Hunt later on.

 In 1994 JK joined Royal Hunt and began his life as a recording and traveling artist. One of the highligts of his career so far was his first visit to Japan in january 1995, where he also started his business relationship with Fernandes Guitar. He left Royal Hunt in 2004 to start on his own as a songwriter/composer. He joined up with longtime friend and guitarist Tonni Rahm and guitarist Mac Gaunaa to create Guitarstew. It had been a side-project for some time and they released an instrumental album together in 2004.

Jacob then took a 3 year break from recording and touring to work on his songwriting, composing and producing skills. He had a meeting with Henrik in 2007 where they exchanged ideas and visions for the creation of a new band they would name Missing Tide. Soon they joined up with bassist Kasper Gram and drummer Allan Tschicaja to start the recordings of their first album together “Follow the Dreamer” in 2008.

 JK’s influences stretch over a wide range of different artists. He enjoys listening to vocalists like Rob Halford, Phil Lynott, Ronnie James Dio, Don Dokken and Elvis Presley. Guitarists like Mark Knopfler and Greg Howe are some of his other inspirations. He admires Judas Priest for their structure and performance.

Henrik Brockmann – Vocals
Henrik was born November 24, 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He began his music career at a very young age, playing guitar and singing in various rock bands in school. And he has worked as a professional musician ever since.

Henrik has done numerous of live performances and studio recordings and has over the years become a respected and well-known name in the Scandinavian hard rock/metal scene.

During his career he has toured and released music in several countries around the world like Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Russia, USA, Korea, Australia and Israel amongst others.
So you might say that every continent is represented in his career.

Henrik joined forces with André Andersen, Steen Mogensen and Kenneth Olsen in 1989 and later joined by Jacob Kjaer(1994) and they formed the band Royal Hunt, with whom the first full length album “ Land of broken hearts “  was released in 1991, followed up by the second album “Clown in the mirror” in 1994.

First major tour took place in 1993 after the first album release where Henrik and the band performed in various venues in Europe, Japan and USA. The tour took them to well known places like CBGB’s and Limelight in New York, acoustic promotion tour in Japan and festivals/club tours in Denmark and Europe.

After the first two full length studio albums Henrik moved on. From the late 1980’s and up till now it has come to several releases both as a lead singer and some as a studio/backup vocalist.

In 2007 Henrik formed the band Missing Tide with old friend and music partner Jacob and you can still find him performing in local clubs, both as a solo artist with a backup-band and as well as a studio-musician on various projects.

 Allan Tschicaja - Drums
Allan was born July 5th 1974 and is the son of a famous jazz drummer (Uno Tschicaja). Allan found interest in drumming in an early age and started playing the drums when he was nine years old. His interest for heavy metal began when he was twelve years old when he first listened to Deep Purple at his cousin’s house. After that he found inspiration to his playing style in Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy/Whitesnake) and Ian Paice (Deep Purple). 

In the years to come Allan played in a lot of different bands and different styles of music. One day he went to a concert with King Diamond and here he found out that rock'n roll was his "call".

His professional journey took off when he was asked to do a worldwide tour with Royal Hunt in 2002 and hereafter recorded the album “Eyewitness” 2003.

After the recordings Allan was asked to do a European/Russian tour with Kingdom Come.

In 2005 he was asked to join Pretty Maids as a permanent member, where he did the album “Wake up to the real world” in 2006, followed by several tours.

Kasper Gram - Bass.
Kasper was born  may 13, 1980 in Copenhagen and started playing the bass at the age of 8. Slowly he found out that this was what he wanted to do.

Kasper’s professional career began when he joined Wuthering Heights in 1997.

After leaving Wuthering Heights Kasper became a full time member of Manticora, which he still is today.

During the years Kasper have been recording some albums besides Manticora with bands like Evil Masquerade and Ureas.

He’s been touring a lot with Manticora which has brought him to most of the European venues and an East Coast tour in USA where he among others supported Helloween and Gamma Ray in Atlanta.

Kasper knows Henrik Brockmann from a previous band and when he was asked by him to join Missing Tide, he didn’t hesitate for one second!



Missing Tide
Follow The Dreamer
Out No
vember 6th 2009