Formed in 1994, Mystery Bloom sprang out of the ruins of the 80's music scene. Danny Roselle (Guitars) and Nick Clemente (Bass) were producing melodic power rock in the early 90's in a band called Sinnocence while Dave Garcia (Drums) and Bob Gilmartin (Guitars) were composing modern progressive rock in a band called Shattered Image. After the demise of Shattered Image, Dave and Bob found themselves trying to piece together another project with a more specific musical vision. At the same time, Sinnocence's drummer became their frontman which left a void to be filled. In 1993 an ad was placed in the Aquarian by Dave and Bob in an effort to recruit new musicians. Danny found the ad and called Dave to see if he would be willing to join up with Sinnocence. Dave agreed and a new Sinnocence was born. It didn't last long though as Danny, Nick, and Dave were forming an idea of what they truly wanted their band to be. So in 1994, their singer was let go as well as their rhythm guitarist who were showing a growing lack of interest in the band. At this point Nick, Danny, Dave decided to form a new project and asked Bob to join the project and immediately a newer, stronger band was born. It was at this time that the band also found their new frontman, Ray Morales. Ray was from a similar musical background as the other 4 musicians except he also had a funkier, groovier approach to music. The 5 musicians combined to produce an extremely powerful, melodic, slightly adventurous force. The band decided after a short period together that they no longer wanted the name Sinnocence and looked to find a new name for the new project. Danny happened to receive a phone call from a person named Mr. Reed Bloom. At first, Danny thought he heard Mystery Bloom instead. He wrote it down and at the next band meeting presented it to the rest of the guys and they all agreed on the name. With a new name, a new sound, and a new vision, Mystery Bloom started on the live circuit. Playing everywhere in the tri-state area, Mystery Bloom was gaining a following and a lot of respect from their peers. Mystery Bloom was a musical monster, and everybody who heard them knew it. It didn't take long for them to gain the interest of some management companies and they eventually signed to Majestic Entertainment and shortly after landed a 3 album record deal in Japan. In November of 1995, Mystery Bloom entered the studio and recorded Frame of Mind - a collection of 10 extremely powerful, harmony-filled modern classics. With the band gaining steam and looking to write and record their next album, which would have been followed by a tour, Mystery Bloom began the writing sessions. Unfortunately, the band started to have conflicting interests in the musical direction. Management was pushing for the band to write more progressive styled songs for the international market. This conflict ultimately resulted in the disbanding of Mystery Bloom.It's now the year 2001 and Mystery Bloom have got back and reworked the material.. The project has taken on a whole new look and feel. A new found passion for Mystery Bloom is born. There is a real excitement in that Mystery Bloom will finally see the light of day. And that in itself is enough for a very talented and magical band.