It all begun back in the year 2000 when Simon and Jocke ended up in the same class at the music/college. One day they sat at Simons house, jamming. Jocke made up some riffs and they decided to arrange it on the computer. They were pleased with the result and that's how they got the idea to start a band.

As Jockes primary instrument was the guitar, he took the place as the lead guitarist. They needed another guitar player in the band, so they invited Simon's younger brother Pontus to join. Simon grabbed the keyboard at first but as he had such good vocal skills he soon changed and took the place as the lead singer.

But they still needed a drummer, bass player and a keyboard player to complete the lineup. So they started to look around at their school and found Tyler (drums) and Stefan (bass) in their class and they joined the band.

Now they only needed someone to take place as a keyboard player so Jocke talked to one of his friends who had a death metal band, and he introduced Jocke to their keyboard player Markus who later joined the band.

They now had a full line up and the band Nightscape was created.

After several years of rehearsing, live gigs, hard work and one demo the band built up a reputation in Sweden that was enough to capture the interest of Lion Music who released the debut album Symphony Of The Night on September 11th 2005.

Symphony of The Night is a classy energetic slice of Power Metal which across its 9 track running length breathes fresh life into the genre. The bands youthful vigour releases a sound much more mature than their ages suggest and showcase a band that have absorbed the positive elements of their influences and used these to create fresh powerful music within the Power Metal genre. The band also shows traces of a neo-classical influence along with more traditional metal moments.