Every now and then an idea comes along, which sounds and feels good. O.T.R (On The Rocks) is just such an idea. A new multi-national rock group which has brought vocalist John Lawton (ex Uriah Heep / Lucifers Friend) and guitarist Jan Dumee (ex-Focus), together with a hot three piece Brazilian rhythm section. In 2005 Jan recorded his solo album 'Rio on the Rocks'. During live performances of this project he became impressed by the musicians and so he invited drummer Xande Figuerueido, keyboardist Marvio Ciribelli and bassist Ney Conceicao to become member of his new rock band, O.T.R. As a continuation of descend rock-line after leaving Focus in April 2006 Jan and John hooked up and developed OTR further. John Lawton: “In April 2006 Jan contacted me, after leaving Focus, with the plan to lock together his love for melodic rock and my blues/rock influences. I liked what I heard. With Jan making my inexpensive guitar sound like a very expensive one, I knew we were on the right track”.


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