Kelly started playing the guitar at the age of 14, influenced by Akira Takasaki and Yngwie Malmsteen. A year after that date, Kelly already showcased his increasing abilities in the band where he played covers from these artists.

At 17, this band passed the audition and got to perform as the opening act at the Loudness concert at Kobe Bunka Hall. When he became 18, he started focusing on his songwriting to be a worldwide artist.

In 1989
- Joined M.I. and taking the G.I.T. course in the U.S.
- To be honest, he was not interested in the G.I.T. and it was quite difficult to find him in the class. He, however, graduated with high scores.

In 1990
- Started activities as a session player in the U.S.
- At the same time, he formed a band to get a recording deal.

In 1992
- Moved to the East Coast continuing the activities as a session player.
- One of his band mates started calling him Kelly which finally became his official name as an artist.

In 1994
- Came back to Japan after his brother had had a tragic accident.
- Decided to start his solo career and started planning the 1st independent album.

In 1998, Feb.
- Released Sign Of The Times in Japan.
- Received a tremendous reaction especially from such fans who usually did not listen to the music created by domestic musicians.

In 1998, Jun.
- Took a 3rd position in the monthly hit chart of Burrn magazine and actually sold 6,000 copies without any special promotion activity.

In 1999, Apr.
- Took a 4th position in the yearly hit chart of Burrn magazine, and that has never previously been achieved by an independent artist.

In 1999, Dec
- Released Silent Scream finally throug a major company, Roadrunner Japan.
- Took a 1st position in the monthly hit chart of Burrn magazine.

In 2000-
- Formed a band with 1st class Japanese musician, bass - Keisuke Nishimoto and drums - Tetsuya Hoshiyama.

Signed with Lion Music who released both "Sign of the Times" and "Silent Scream".
30 day European tour September/October
New album "The Rule of Right" released late 2002...