Steen was born in 1974 and have played guitar since he was about 13 years old. He started as a child playing the accordion but at a music-course in Thy, he got an almost blind teacher who accidently mixed up the word accordion with the word guitar. Since then Steen rarely touched the accordion but have instead worked as a producer, studio guitarist and composer on several Danish releases. Steen's first and for now only solo-release 'Night Vision Goggles' was published at the 20'th of April 2007 at the Finnish record-company Lion Music

The style on this album is guitar-fusion with some avant-garde-like tendencies.

Steen have produced/composed music in a lot of other genres and under several different pseudonyms such as electronic house, as 'Agent mr. cool' and retro 80's electro-pop as 'Benjamin Kristiansen'. .


Night Vision Goggles
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