SICK of LIES – Release date : May 20 2005

Severity and melody coupled with feeling and vulnerability belong to the musical and emotional foundation of Virus. The band uses a mixture of guitar-driven grunge, metal and pure rock.

Since the founding of Virus in 2000, its five members have continued to play in various bands and follow differing styles of musical productivity. This diversity has positively contributed to the current musical and creative process. Despite the lack of a permanent drummer in the past and sundry other obstacles, the band members have never lost faith in their ability to establish and reach common goals. The songs themselves deal with emotions, experiences, impressions and topics such as human interaction and the daily struggle with the world both around and within us. The audience is provided ample room for their interpretations and opinions to relate to the music.

Through the established cooperation with Rolf Munkes (Majesty, Empire, Razorback) as producer, and the opportunity to sign a record contract, the debut album ‘Sick of Lies’ will be available for the audience in 2005.

Frank Widderson (vocals)
Sascha W. (guitar)
Steffen M. (guitar)
Andy B. (bass)
Udo Bopre (drums)