Line-Up: Mr V (Vintersorg/Borknagar/Fission….) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Organs & Mellotron

The project started out as an experiment and a location for relaxation, without any pressure or profound goal. Mr V has been in love with symphonic and progressive rock from the 70’s since childhood but never actually made any contribution, in that arena himself besides using that inspiration in his other musical excursions. But in the autumn of ´04 Mr V felt the urge to explore the more rock oriented venues of his mind, and some songs came to life. These songs became the stronghold from where he ignited the spirit and soul of Waterclime, without knowing it himself. Song by song piled up into a whole album and he couldn’t resist the joy of putting them down on “tape” (disc).

Melody is the lodestar in Waterclime but not used it in the cliché manner of the modern musical community where it’s used to get “you” hooked and sell albums. Here the melodies are genuine and at times long sequences that take your fantasies towards the conscious dawn and lead you into other dimensions. The basis lies in symphonic and progressive rock but it is also spiced up with some jazzy crescendos and folk atmospheres. Especially vocally the album is a mixture of many styles and many emotional crossworlds. You’ll find multilayered harmonies nearly in a Yes-type of style, parts leaning towards more eerie rock and some segments bearing the aura of jazz all filtered though Mr V’s vocal prism of course. The instrumentation is built around (the classic) keyboards, guitars, bass and drums where every instrument has its moments. Other suitable instruments as organs and mellotron are also present to give that “organic” touch to it.

Lyric wise the album deals a lot with a personal translation of dreams and fantastical visions, written in a poetic tongue to emphasize a romantic touch. They shines of both sadness and hope and are wrapped in an aura of magic, as a contraposition to the mechanical and often static presence of the society.

To get a suitable production and sound Mr V recorded the album at his own Wave Studios, except the vocals which he did at Seven Stars engineered by Mattias Marklund. As Mr V had a strong vision of how he wanted things to be balanced and exposed he decided to produce, mix and master the album himself. He invited a few friends to contribute to fulfil the debut album. These are old and new friends that he felt would make the album more diverse and even more complete. This album is tribute to music and musicians who dare to take chances and follow the heart. A cover of David Byron’s (Uriah Heep) “Midnight Flyer” is included on the album, a way for Mr V to pay attention to a great and somewhat lost era.

Guest Musicians:
Lead Guitar on track 3 & 5: Mattias Marklund ( Vintersorg, Casket Casey, TME)
Vocals on track1: Magnus Lindgren ( Black Bonzo)
Vocals on track 7: Cia Hedmark ( Casket Casey)
Lead Guitar on track 8: Benny Hägglund (Fission, TME)


The Astral Factor