Lion Music is proud to announce the return of Zeelion to the rock scene after a 6 year hiatus and the release of their powerhouse second album ‘Steel Attack’.

Fusing a classic Scandie hard rock sound with traces of neo-classical metal and melodic rock, ‘Steel Attack’ builds upon the critically acclaimed compositions on the band debut with a more powerful delivery and even stronger song writing than before.

‘Steel Attack’ is home to 10 pulsating rock anthems that showcase the soaring vocals and melodies of Lenny de Rose which blend perfectly with the world class guitar crunch of Sudden. ‘Steel Attack’ sees keyboards play a slightly more enhanced sound than on the bands debut whilst the rhythm section is as solid as ever, The bands incorporation of a number of rock styles adds interest and diversity to the melting pot, yet the unmistakeable Zeelion sound (as first heard on the debut) is stronger than ever and makes a very powerful package when combined with the stunning artwork by Janne Stark.

It may have taken six years for ‘Steel Attack’ to see the light of day, but one listen proves the wait has been worth it.