A masterpiece of symphonic prog in the vein of bands like Kansas, Magnum, UK & Jethro Tull. Great melodies, violin solos & heavy guitars.

It started back in 1979 when P-O Saether was writing songs for his own project The direction of style was to be a mixture between Kansas , Magnum and UK All from the start it was to be without guitars!!!!!!!!!!! During the 80:s more and more songs were ready and in 1995 recorded at Studio Underground Sweden (P-O Saether´s own studio)

The 1:st Zello album was released on APM-records in 1996 After some changes in the line up (a new drummer) the second Zello called “Quodlibet” saw the light of day in 1999 – released by Musea All the time P-O had this dream to re-record the 1:st album – but this time with guitars. He wiped off the dust of the old tapes and contacted Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath, Overdrive) asking him to play guitars on the 1:st Zello His style would be perfect and as an old Zello fan he was thrilled – and P-O too. In summer 2004 Lion Music was contacted and asked to released this new Zello album. The release is scheduled for November 2004 and is called “First chapter – Second verse”. The cover and layout - made by Janne Stark is awesome, reflecting what you get when you clone Kansas and Magnum. Zello “First Chapter – Second Verse” includes songwriting on the highest level. Together with strong vocals and instrument handling + a top notch production

Today P-O Saether from Studio Underground is one of Sweden´s top producer for rock and metal. Recording/Producing bands from all over the globe has given him experience how to make good productions with strong songs.