1. Relieved.
2. Raise the Shadow.
3. Away From Our Sins.
4. Forgotten Past.
5. River of Lies.
6. Living In A Dream Is Not Right.
7. It Will Fly Away.
8. All That Can't Be Said.

Charly Sahona: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Diego Rapacchietti: Drums
Thomas James-Potrel: Bass

Produced by Charly Sahona.
Recorded by Carryl Montini at Artsonik Studios, Delémont, Switzerland.
Mixed by Fabien Paraillac at I-Real Studio, Lecques, France.
Mastered by Carryl Montini .
Art Direction, Design, Photography by Perrine Perez-Fuentes .
Additional picture by Stephane Rodriguez Delavega.

www.myspace.com/charlysahona www.reverbnation.com/charlysahona


The New Kingdom


Charly Sahona is best known as the guitarist in the modern French progressive metal band Venturia.  Late 2008 saw Charly begin work on what has become his debut solo album entitled “Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” set for release on February 19th 2010 on Lion Music. 

This 8 track release is built around heavy riffs, catchy vocal lines and  crazy solos. Comparisons can be made if one was to fuse Dream Theater with Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars. This album offers a fresh sound, modern and direct, heavy and  begs to be heard.

“Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos”  sees Charly Sahona  not only perform all guitar and keyboard duties but also step up to the microphone for the first time.  The rest of the trio of musicians are Venturia band mates Diego Rapacchietti (Drums) and Thomas James-Potrel (Bass) who have created an ultra powerful power trio format.  This 8 song collection sees Charly Sahona show again his abilities as a talented multi-instrumentalist and as a songwriter as well.

Lyrically, “Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” is an introspection on the different reasons that pushes an artist to do everything in life to transcend their emotions, passions, fears, neurosis, libido and more into their art. It asks the questions of what pushes an artist to continue his unending quest of perfection.  Sahona states,   “It's a kind of psychoanalysis. My main influences come from the things I experienced in my personal life during the last 2 years: All the energy, the money, the time you give and spend into music at the expense of the loss of many different beautiful things you could have lived”.

The song writing for the album commenced after the release of the Venturia "Hybrid" album in 2008. The recording began in Switzerland in May 2009 with final mixing taking place in September 2009."  More recently a video for “Relieved” has been released and made available on YouTube and other media platforms with positive feedback.

"Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” delivers an exceptionally high quality with immense crossover appeal.

• Debut solo album from one of France’s most talented metal musicians and member of Venturia.
• Stunning collection of original songs with great performances and excellent cross over potential
• Promotional video available for “Relieved”.
• Charly Sahona is available for interview via phone or email and also able to make guest radio station ID’s on request. Please contact promo@lionmusic.com for more information / booking.