Massimo Izzizzari - High Tension

Second guitar instrumental from Massimo Izzizzari the fluid Italian guitarist with a style that mixes rock with modern fusion idioms.  First heard on his 2007 Lion Music release “Unstable Balance”, Massimo Izzizzari has delivered a potent second release of 9 new instrumentals all of which showcase his flawless lead technique over strong rhythmic bedrocks. Fans of the likes of Greg Howe will get a kick out of Massimo Izzizzari’s work with the albums title summing up the musicianship contained within.

01. High Tension.
02. Lithosphere.
03. Attraction.
04. Sweet Memories.
05. Plastic Theater.
06. Funny Walk.
07. Romance.
08. Little Hero.
09. Natural Evolution.

Massimo Izzizzari - All Guitar, Keyboards, Loops, Sound fx.
Azeglio Izzizzari - Drums.
Mario Mazzenga - Bass.

Produced by Massimo Izzizzari.
All song written by Massimo Izzizzari.
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Massimo Izzizzari at Sonoria Music Center, Castelliri (Italy).
Drums engineered by Azeglio Izzizzari.
Cover Art: Massimo Izzizzari.
Photography: Simona Porretta.