Eric Mattsson - Devil In Your Mirror

1988’s original version of "Eternity" marked the recording debut of guitarist/composer Lars Eric Mattsson.  What this early release for Europe and Japan lacked in production budget was more than made up for in the strength of song. The album them got a revamp in 2001 when Lars saw fit to completely re-record the album for its 2001 re-issue for CD on Lion Music.  Now some 10 years later having been out of print for a few years, and after numerous requests for a re-release Mattsson decided to improve the sound further for this new digital only version.

"Eternity" in 2011 has seen a remix from the earlier re-revorded 2001 version and has also been remastered to provide optimum sound for the digital age.  With all guitar, bass and keyboard instrumentation coming from Lars Eric Mattsson, Bjorn Lodin (Baltimoore) provides the albums gritty vocals whilst long-time Mattsson associate Eddie Sledgehammer performs drums.

Stylistically the album harks back to the age from when the material was penned (mid 1980's) and showcases a neo-classically accented hard rock/metal sound.  Fans of Mattsson's more progressive leanings will still find plenty to savour in the lead guitar work on offer. Whilst the dark mystical metal leanings of the song craft lend the album a quality along the lines of 80’s classic Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen and early Europe making this one re-issue not to miss.

01. Break Your Chains
02. Let it Rock
03. Where Do We Go?
04. Mujahedin Warrior
05. Can't Go On Without Your Love
06. Devil in Your Mirror
07. Eternity
08. Love is the Answer
09. Tales Untold
10. Waiting for the Night
11. Midsummer Night's Magic
12. Children of the Sun