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With his debut instrumental solo offering "Eleven Mysteries" released on 20 July, Daniele Liverani has made available a wealth of video highlighting the creation of his new masterwork.  The full length multi-instrument master video (viewable below) runs for 22 minutes and gives a good indicator of how the album sounds.  This is then split up into "extended versions" for each specific instrument.


Full documentary with all instruments (22 min):

Only Guitar documentary extended version:

Only Bass documentary extended version:

Only Keys documentary extended version:

Only Drums documentary extended version:


The first taste of the "Revenge Of The Shredlord", the long awaited new offering from guitar master Joe Stump has just been unveiled with an edited version of the track "Man Your Battle Stations" streaming now at:


A second track will be previewed in early August in the run to the 17 August release of "Revenge Of The Shredlord".


Ashent, the Italian progressive metallers revitalised with a new line-up including new lead vocalist Titta Tani and drummer Ivan Moni Bidin (Garden Wall, Last Warning, Pathosray) return with their powerhouse third release "Inheritance" on 21 September.  Get a taste now of the new album, how the new members came to join the band and much more at



French metal outfit Venturia return on 21 September with their triumphant third release "Dawn Of A New Era", the bands first album to showcase guitarist Charly Sahona sharing lead vocal duties with Lydie Lazulli and also welcomes new drummer Frederic Marchal to the band. 

The big budget promotion video for the track "What If I" will be unveiled on 1st August to audiences worldwide via the Lion Music YouTube profile.