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Get a taste of the forthcoming new release 'Elements' from prog metallers Speaking To Stones here.


Full information on the release at 


Finn symphonic progressive metal outfit Anthriel are currently in the studio recording the follow up to their blistering 2010 debut 'The Pathway'. Lead vocalist Simo Silvan has checked in with the following update.

"I thought that it's high time to tell all of you what's happening at the moment in the World Of Anthriel! As many of you might have noticed we are indeed recording a new album as I write this update to enlighten the near future of what's to come. All the songs to the second album have been written already and now we are just recording and adding more elements to fulfil the ambition we have towards our second album, which by the way already has a title and a track list but I'm not going to tell about those things.. yet!

The past few months has gone by, by recording the drum tracks. Jari has indeed done a fantastic job behind the drums, as always, and there will be lots and lots of new cool stuff happening in the drum world during the whole album. In my opinion Jari has pushed the envelope, so to say, even further, and by doing that he has raised the bar quite high for all of us in the band. Yet that's a good thing of course.

Now as almost all of the drum parts have been played we've been able to do other things also and that means Timo's rhythm guitar parts. I have had the pleasure of being around listening many times when Timo has laid down his tracks and I really must confess that those guitar parts are something really fantastic! Lots of cool heavy riffs and rhythmic changes and odd time signatures... It's quite overwhelming to listen to what he's got to say with his guitar.

Antti has also started to make his magic with the keyboards. It really is quite awesome to hear all the musical landscapes building up bit by bit. All those bright piano parts, dramatic strings and a lead sound that just blows the listener away as the solo parts take place.. yet there is much more to say about this thing so I better leave it to Antti.

Also any day soon now Klaus will start playing his bass parts in so all the young and old bass players out there be aware.

I also started my musical journey in the Vocal World a while ago. First thing that I realized was that this album is going to need huge amounts of nuances because the music is so versatile and full of harmonies and chord progressions..
This music we compose is somewhat like a twisted playground to a singer. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by all the beautiful harmonies we are making yet during the very next second it turns to a total nightmare. Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm doing! By saying nightmare I'm really referring to the fact that there are moments when all the easy singing parts turn upside down and I must give all the sense of nuances and power and emotion out at the same time yet still being able to not to cross the line into sounding something terrible.

Ok. That's what's basically happening now. We're gonna publish more detailed Studio Diary updates from all of us in the near future and add also so pictures from the sessions.. maybe even video clips.

But I hope you are all well and stay tuned for more news from the world of Anthriel!
Yours, Simo Silvan"

Featurette 3 "The Order of the Universe", which takes a deeper look at the background and structure of the Docker's Guild project and Mystic Technocracy storyline is now available for viewing at .


It is a great pleasure for Airless to announce that vocalist Danny Vaughn (Tyketto, Waysted and Vaughn) has worked on the band’s fourth album which will be released in early 2013 on Lion Music. Danny Vaughn has lent his vocals on "Changes" the song that also gives the forthcoming album its title.

[Airless vocalist Iñaki Lazakano with Danny Vaughn]

In late October more details will be revealed of the new Airless album and artwork which was created by a renowned international artist.


Considered one of Italy’s most original and intelligent up and coming metal acts; The Moor have a band ethos that is not afraid to incorporate music from any rock idiom to give the listener an original listening experience as their full length debut “Year Of The Hunger” showcases.

The Moor incorporate sounds from prog rock, metal, death metal (for the guitars parts), seventies and alternative influences into their compositions making for a very compelling end product that will reward any open minded listener. Recommended for fans of Opeth, Day Six, Porcupine Tree etc.

Set for release on 16 November 2012  get a downloadable taste here -