Beyond Inspiration - Uli Jon Roth Tribute CD's

V/A | Beyond Inspiration - A Tribute to Uli Jon Roth
Beyond Inspiration - Uli Jon Roth Tribute(CD)

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1 Chris Steberl - Electric Sun  5:14
2 Joop Wolters - Sails Of Charon  4:39
3 Lars Eric Mattsson - I'll Be Loving You Always  5:05
4 Tony Hernando - Firewind  5:05
5 Rolf Munkes - Dark Lady  3:22
6 Petrossi Dushan - Yellow Raven  4:45
7 Torben Enevoldsen - Burning Wheel Turning  6:38
8 Byrd - Still So Many Lives Away  4:48
9 Cyril Achard - I'll Be There  4:43
10 Thorbjon Englund - Indian Dawn  5:29
11 Neal Grusky - Pictured Life  3:05
12 Stravato/Masi - Return  4:15
13 Eric Sands - Polar Nights  5:39 
14 Paul Nelson - Paganini Paraphrase  2:17 

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