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Sevdah Metal(CD)

€12.90           $16.90

Track Listing
01. Forspil (intro) 0:28
02. Devils in Disguise 4:36
03. World Set on Fire 3:30
04. Skies and Oceans 4:00
05. Sevdah Metal Rhapsody 11:53
06. Stand And Fight 5:45
07. Endless Pain 4:12
08. Hora Martisorului (instrumental) 1:50
09. Land of The Dark 3:42
10. You 8:27

Emir Hot – All Guitars and Bass.
John West – Vocals
Mike Terrana - Drums
Additional Musicians
Accordion on tracks 3, 4, 5 by Muhamed Sehic – Hamic
Accordion on track 5 (2:34 – 2:58) by Anto Filipovic
Saz – intro on track 5 by Avdija Agusi
12 string and nylon string guitars on track 5 (5:55 – 7:08) by Atila Hajdarevic – Miko and Adnan Perisic - Pero
Guitar solo on track 5 (5:20 – 5:37) by Muris Varajic
Guitar solo on track 5 (5:37 – 5:54) by Misha Nikolic
Orchestration on track 5 by Misha Nikolic
Keyboard solos on tracks 3, 9, 10 by Brandon Morris
Piano on track 7 by Miralem Osmic
Piano and keyboards on tracks 5 and 6 by Bruno Matijasevic
Female vocals on track 10 by Charlie Squire
Additional programming by Emir Hot


1. Forspil (Intro)
2. Devils In Disguise
3. World Set On Fire
4. Skies And Oceans
5. Sevdah Metal Rhapsody
6. Stand And Fight
7. Endless Pain
8. Hora Martisorului
9. Land Of The Dark
10. You
Emir Hot (g, b)
John West (v)
Mike Terrana (d)


Sevdah Metal
© 2008 Lion Music  (LMC230)

neo-classical/progressive metal
studio album
10 tracks - TT 48:27
release date: March 21, 2008


I don’t know how he does it, but with Emir Hot, Lars Eric Mattsson (president of Lion Music) has discovered yet another guitarist. This time it’s Emir Hot, born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but now residing in the UK. Having gained some necessary experience in local bands like Hatred, Neon Knights and Southern Storm, he thought the time was ripe to write and record a special solo album.
And special this “Sevdah Metal” certainly is! Not only because of the involvement of ex-Royal Hunt and Artension vocalist John West and drum legend Mike Terrana (no introduction needed, I guess), but also because of the mix of melodic, neo-classical and progressive metal with more traditional Eastern Balkan music. Hence the title of the album, in which ‘Sevdah’ refers to a Bosnian style of blues music. It really is that blending of musical styles that makes this album stand out, together with the interesting lyrics, in which Emir Hot ‘talks’ about the troubles in his homeland Bosnia as well as the state of the world today. Asking West and Terrana to join him in the studio was of course a clever move, as both musicians are lifting the material to an even higher level. On their input Emir comments: “John and Mike made it sound live and real. Although the arrangements and the songs are all my ideas, the way they performed on this record definitely put it on a much higher level than I had in mind when I was writing it.” It’s now up to you to find out how well the formula works! A hot album, Emir! (CL) www.rockreport.be 
Emir Hot - Sevdah Metal (Lion Music) By: Joe Florez
Emir Hot is pretty much new to the scene. Despite releasing two records a long while back, it’s only now that he will get more exposure thanks to the progressive label Lion Music. It’s not everyday that you hear of a Bosnian artist, but Emir is a guitarist that is looking to carve a name for himself. This individual handles all guitar and bass duties while he has gone out of his way to hire Mike ‘The Animal’ Terrana on skins and John West (Ex-Royal Hunt, Artension) on mic. Oh goodie, plenty of talent is on board here, but will it deserve a repeat listen after this? Let’s delve in further, shall we?
God damn! Emir’s fingers are white hot as he blazes up and down his guitar neck dishing
out some furious riffs. John’s vocals soar beyond orbit and Mike’s bashing is just as hard and heavy as ever. It’s a blend of neo-classical metal and speed. “World Set On Fire” is a change of pace which I wanted because I want to hear a different side of his style and what you get is a treat. Yes, there is a shredding solo on here, but this more melodic and groovy number has a nice pacing that has a riff that will remain tattooed in your brain and there is an inclusion of traditional Bosnian music which is their brand of blues. It makes for an interesting listen. Something bizarre happens in the middle of the twelve minute epic ’Sevdah Metal Rhapsody.” There is a drum solo that comes out of nowhere. It’s pretty odd, but the good thing that keeps this song from putting you to sleep is the fact that there are plenty of change ups here and a lot of ethnic influence inserted. It’s surprising that there is only one instrumental on here and not more, but when you have John on board, why risk it?
It’s very easy to clump Emir with all of the countless shredders out there, but it’s the inclusion of his Bosnian sounds that’s brought to the table that saves him ultimately from pushing this to the side forever more. There is some wankery that goes on here, but for the most part, the songs pretty much get right to the point. It’s definitely worth a listen especially for the contributors on here. I am sure we will begin to hear and read more about this individual with the likes of Guitar World magazine. Check it out. www.lionmusic.com |

EMIR HOT ‘Sevdah Metal’ Lion Music (2008) www.lionmusic.com

   Bosnian guitarist Emir Hot unleashes his debut album and ‘sevdah’ is a Bosnian style of blues playing. He is joined by two very well known musicians, drummer Mike Terrana (Masterplan/Malmsteen/Artension) and vocalist John West (Royal Hunt/Artension) plus various other musicians pop up adding piano, guitars and accordion.

   Musically it is classic progressive metal with plenty of guitar solos, epic backing arrangements and powerful vocals courtesy of John West. But there is an added twist with the use of accordion which really does make this album stand out from the many prog metal releases out there. Juts listen to ‘World Set On Fire’ or ‘Skies And Oceans’ – simply stunning and the accordion really gives the fast guitar solos a run for their money! John West is as ever on top form and the uplifting ballad ‘Stand And Fight’ sees him take the spotlight. Big, building epic with a positive lyric – great stuff. The eleven minute title track is a medley of traditional Balkan music coupled with a top draw vocal from John West.

   An album that takes a prog metal sound as its starting point and then adds in many traditional Balkan musical influences to create one of the most novel and enjoyable metal albums for a long time. Definitely worth a listen!


Jason Ritchie

Emir Hot
Sevdah Metal Lion Music
by Franco Wissa
Staff Writer

Emir Hot - Sevdah Metal Comments: My God, this is just a CD that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Somewhere, the metal gods are smiling, for here is a CD filled with the kind of guitar shredding that is just out of this world phenemonal.

Born in February of 1978, Emir Hot was born in Bosnia with a love for the guitar that showed since the age of 5. From the collection of his older brothers, he dove head first into the guitars of Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton. At the age of 10, already considered a prodigy, he was accepted into The Music School in Bosnia, and in 1989, he joined his first band, Hatred, a trash/metal band from Tuzla. Even the civil unrest in his native country would not deter Emir Hot from his love for music, and over the next several years, he would find himself in and out of various projects and bands.

In 2003, with the war becoming increasingly dangerous, and with laws making it almost impossible for him to continue his music outside of Bosnia, the decision was made to leave Bosnia for America, and upon doing so, applied for and auditioned, and was subsequently accepted into the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. In 2004, he recorded his first instrumental CD, Quaterworlds of Fantasia. In June of 2007, upon his graduation from the school he completed the CD that can be heard here, Sevdah Metal with John West (Royal Hunt, Lynch Mob, Sun Red Sun, Cozy Powell, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Yngvie Malmsteen, Badlands) on vocals, and a drummer that is quite possible one of the world's best - Mike Terrana (Rage, Masterplan, Axel Rudi Pell, Savage Circus, Zillion, Taboo Voodoo).

With a clean, polished sound, Emir Hot's guitar resonates perfectly. He can rip into a multi bar solo at one moment, and in the next, offer perfectly tuned power guitar chords, contributing a concrete background with the vocals. This is a brilliant CD, with truly not a bad track to be heard. Emir Hot's fingers virtually fly up and down the neck of his guitar, but each note is clear as a bell, easily heard, the solos fit perfectly with the lay of the track, and this insanely talented axeman knows just when to flow from a soft pianissimo to the hardest and loudest of fortissimo. From acoustic, to electric, to rhythm, he does each one to absolute perfection.

After the short introduction, "Forspill," the song explodes into "Devils in Disguise." Sounding as a cross of Saint Deamon, Seventh Wonder with the furious solos of Yngvie Malmsteen. On this track, the vocals of John West are excellent, and with it the drums of Mike Terrana are spot on, (as they always are.) At 2:09 the track delves into an interesting myriad of percussions and keyboards, when at 2:36 it becomes a furious guitar solo, with after which is a keyboard solo, that then does a give and take with the guitar. "Devils in Disguise," is a killer, killer track. More flawless guitars are all over the following tracks, "World Set on Fire," "Skies and Oceans," (another impeccably executed track with an almost non stop double bass drum.) On "Skies and Oceans," John West showcases his range with his voice reaching into the highest of octaves. A listen must, MUST be made to track 5, "Sevdah Metal Rhapsody," a 11 minute monster of a track with massive, pounding drums, keyboards that are all over the place, metal sounding vocals, and guitars upon guitars that sound as if it isn't humanly possible to play with such precision. But the proof is there, and it is dead center on "Sevdah Metal Rhapsody." Emir Hot's love for the different is also heard on this track as at 2:42 the sounds of an accordion make for an interesting solo, with this same accordion coming in and out of ear shot at various times.

Never thought it would be possible to bang your head to an accordion, but by God, a listen to "Sevdah Metal Rhapsody", and one is proved wrong. Mike Terrana is given a chance to display his talent with him cutting loose with a solo that must be heard to be believed. Showing the world why he is one of metal's leading drummers, he cuts loose with roll after roll making full use of the cymbals and drums at his disposal. A soft acoustic guitar opens track 6, "Stand and Fight," a beautiful track that is heartfelt and genuine. Mid way into its almost 6 minute playing time, it picks up steam, which then becomes a metal upon metal track with vocal harmonies. The remaining tracks are all as good as anything heard up to this point. Closing Svedah Metal is "You," an interesting track with an acoustic guitar accompanied by chimes and percussion that also features an angelic choir.

Mixing classical, progressive and neo-metal, the talents of Emir Hot are beyond reproach. His songwriting is unblemished, and as well, the flair of Mike Terrana and John West makes this a CD that lovers of metal need to be made aware of. Almost as if this a CD that pays homage to the trials and unrest of his beloved homeland, tracks "Endless Pain," "World Set on Fire," "Stand and Fight," and "Land of the Dark" all seem to have an extra something written about them, as if Emir Hot was thinking of the troubles and strife that is within his country. For all of them were written and played with a passion and an in moments anger that seems to come to more to the forefront than some others. This is a CD that cannot be praised high enough, and is easily one of 2008's best.

Emir Hot - guitars, bass
John West - vocals
Mike Terrana - drums

Track Listing:
Devils in Disguise
World Set on Fire
Skies and Oceans
Sevdah Metal Rhapsody
Stand and Fight
Endless Pain
Hora Martisorului
Land of the Dark

Hardrock Haven rating: 9.5/10