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Kingdom of Utopia(CD+DVD)

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Infinity Overture are a Symphonic Power Metal band founded in Denmark in 2005 by guitarist Niels Vejlyt who set about writing compositions of great intensity and beauty. To ensure the music is accessible for all rock fans Niels set about crafting songs that are home to memorable verses and choruses, and these were then fused with more traditional epic metal arrangements and symphonic elements. The music of the bands debut 'Kingdom Of Utopia' is big and explosive in places with insane guitar solos, yet balanced by subtle melodic breaks and big harmonies. With ‘Kingdom Of Utopia’, Infinity Overture are set to make a big impact in the world of symphonic power metal with the quality of material heard on this, their debut release.

This blend of melodic metal and the symphonic orchestra, was strong enough to make vocalist Ian Parry (Consortium Project , Elegy) join the band and it was his vision that provided not only all the lyrics but the story concept on which the album is based.

Ian Parry’s distinctive and powerful vocals take Infinity Overture’s sound to a higher level. Soon after Mads Volf (drums - from Manticora) and Mads Damgaard (bass) joined the band when they heard the quality of the material. To finalise the sound Infinity Overture still needed another element to be completed, this final piece was found in female lead vocalist Lene Pedersen whose style is the perfect contrast to Parry's. Now Infinity Overture are ready to take their sound to the live stage with support slots for Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and headline gigs having already been played.

“Kingdom Of Utopia” was mixed by Sascha Paeth and Miro, the production team responsible for albums by Rhapsody Of Fire, Kamelot and Angra (amongst others) in conjunction with Niels Vejlyt.

“Infinity Overture - Kingdom Of Utopia” will be released in standard CD and a strictly limited edition first pressing only “Deluxe” CD/DVD dual pack. The DVD features band interviews, videos and much more.

Niels Vejlyt started out by being obsessed by the electric guitar at an early age. Since then he has developed a superb technique and formidable compositional skills. In the past Niels has done two guitar instructional DVD's for Chops From Hell, and one for Shred Academy. Right now Niels make is teaching large amounts of guitar students every week in Denmark, and his DVD’s have been sold worldwide. From this Niels has gained great popularity in the Shred guitar community