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Progressive rock band MASTERMIND is back with their first full length album of original music in almost a decade.  Since their formation in New Jersey by brothers Bill and Rich Berends in 1986 the band have become synonymous with delivering original sounding progressive rock with diverse arrangements and room for a healthy dose of experimentation. Once again the instrumentation is strong, Bill Berends guitar transcends numerous genres and combines with the keyboard interplay of Jens Johansson for a musically interesting package.




(Lion Music) Reviewed 13th February 2010)

American prog rock band Mastermind were formed way back in 1986 when I was still wearing spandex (only joking) by the Berends brothers, Bill guitar, synth, and Rich on drums. After 5 albums as a power trio playing ELP type stuff, but with a guitarist rather than an Emerson, they acquired a lady vocalist for their last one, Angels of the Apocalypse in 2000. Now they are back with the powerful gothic goddess Tracy Mcshane taking the mike and Jens Johansson throwing the metaphorical knives at the keyboards (don’t try this at home children). The album contains a series of superb melodic rock/metal songs that will appeal to anyone from Nightwish lovers to Rush fanatics. With ‘Piggy World’ they even venture into rap metal! You can even dance to the groovy ‘Nietzsche’. Both Fantastic Fun! The highlight for me, although it is tough to choose, is the anthemic eastern flavoured ‘Broken’, I nearly fell off me chair headbanging! Finally, I rolled myself a smoke during the smouldering ‘Last Cigarette’, and reflected on a wonderful album. It is perhaps best to throw away any preconceptions about Mastermind and treat them as a brand new band with a brand new sound, it’s only on ‘Night Flier’ they conform to type. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, have a Horlicks and order this magnificent medicant from you favourite drug store when it’s released on the 19th of Feb. 9/10 (Reviewed by Phil)