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Albedo Adaption (CD)



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MIOSIS are a dark progressive rock/metal band hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden who have been gaining a strong reputation with live music fans in Sweden along with a more international following due to very positive reviews of a self released EP. With their debut release “ALBEDO ADAPTATION”, Miosis offer seven tracks of music that is both modern and classic at the same time.

Miosis plays a dark and dynamic brand of prog rock/metal with a sound that draws parallels to the likes of Tool and Isis but with its own edge and personality. Whilst many progressive bands aim is to dazzle all listeners with amazing virtuoso musicianship, Miosis do so in more subtle measures, preferring to build songs around a correlation between the instruments and vocals making their musical journey more of a voyage through a sonic spectrum.


Albedo Adaption
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: January 23rd 2009

I’m sure the guys in Miosis are (or at least soon will be) getting pretty tired of hearing this, but there’s no escaping it: the debut album from Swedish Miosis – Albedo Adaption – sounds a whole lot like Tool and A Perfect Circle. However, they add enough of their own flavours and styles to make them stand out as a band in their own right.

Originally formed in 2005 in Gothenburg, the band has taken their own sweet time getting this first effort off the ground. The self produced EP “Konvolut” was released in 2007 and received rave reviews in a number of fanzines across the globe, and thank … whomever for that, because they persevered and cranked out this gem of an album.

The music may sound akin to Tool - a mixture of melancholy and dark progressive rock with some alternative influences that all contribute to creating an intricate wall of sound that accompanies Erik Skoglund’s haunting, at times almost desperate, voice. In my opinion, one of the great things about Miosis is that they don’t overdo it as certain other bands in the genre may have a tendency to. They keep it simple, refrain from utilizing odd vignettes of noise or industrial sounds or speaks, and add to that formula some sweeping, very modern sounding choruses that seem catchy and lively, a welcome contrast to the feeling of despair and bleakness that pervades the brother part of the album.

Despite the fact that the songs were written during the span of a number of years (Red, apparently, being the newest and Once Divine the oldest), the album comes across as remarkably consistent. That quality, however, may also be my main qualm about Albedo Adaption, because a bit more variation would have yielded a higher score from my hand. I also find the drum sound a bit on the aggressive side, a bit tiring in other words, but that may be due to the quality (or lack thereof) of the MP3 files I’ve been listening to, so I won’t let that minor detail detract from my overall rating of the album.

So, to put it briefly, this is a very accessible yet dark progressive metal album that is highly recommended to any fan of Tool, The Mars Volta and “similar” intelligent music in general. A fine effort indeed despite my few reservations.



01. State of Lacuna
02. Once Divine
03. Our Floods
04. Benandanti
05. Flow
06. The Lucid
07. Red
Label: Lion Music
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Martin Mathiasen
Date: January 26th 2009
Website: www.lionmusic.com

Miosis – Albedo Adaptation

2009 Lion Music

Mark this as one of the darkest progressive metal albums you will hear, for Gothenburg’s Miosis know how to really cast a pall and haunt a mindset of a listener to pastures beyond the normalized sorrowful state of mind. Consistently striking with the technical grandeur of Sphere of Souls and Evergrey along with the dark vibe of Katatonia and Paradise Lost, Albedo Adaptation is melodically moving & complex record, but never jagged nor overzealously riddled with extremities.

Seven tracks encompass the record, with the guitar riffage dominating the melodic stance (there are some synth overtures here and there), churning and grinding through hard driving tunes such as “The Lucid,” “Benandanti,” and “Once Divine” that are mid-to upper-mid-tempo, faceted with the occasional staccato wielding to keep everything from being pulled down deep into droning territories; yet it’s the final tune, the extended “Red” that brings the doom element to a whole new level, being sub-symphonic mourning number that shows that sophistication does not always mean happy-go-lucky.

The album has a layered sound, while the drums are up front, giving the record more power – not to mention that the vocals of Erik Skoglund have a straightforward ‘rock’ styling instead of being what could often be overdone operatic style vocals or even guttural growling – it proves that the vocals used in that manner provide a more direct approach to the record’s overall metallic edge. For those who love a little more edge to goth relevant metal or even gloomier tones to the more technical scheme of things, give Albedo Adaptation a listen.

Added: February 22nd 2009
Reviewer: Tommy Hash  www.ytsejam.com
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