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Follow the Dreamer (CD)



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From Copenhagen, Denmark come the new promising melodic hard rock/ heavy metal-act MISSING TIDE. Formed in 2007, the line-up consists of some of the most experienced and talented musicians from the Danish heavy metal scene with backgrounds in world renowned bands such as Royal Hunt, Pretty Maids, Evil Masquerade, Manticora and Kingdom Come. With a basis in Kasper Gram’s consistent bass play and the pounding and energetic drums from Allan Tschicaja, combined with powerful guitar riffs from Jacob Kjaer and Henrik Brockmann’s characteristic, intense and unique voice, Missing Tide produces a solid, melodic sound, which cannot be ignored.


Genre: Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 51:45
Band homepage: Missing Tide


  1. Follow The Dreamer
  2. Never Surrender
  3. Traces Of Fire
  4. Fairytale
  5. Dangerous
  6. Victim Of A Crime
  7. Broken Wings
  8. Push To The Limit
  9. Take Me High
  10. Away
  11. Long Live The Heroes

Something of a Danish super group in the making, MISSING TIDE comprise members of ROYAL HUNT, PRETTY MAIDS and MANTICORA and that they are fronted by the extraordinary voice of ex-ROYAL HUNT singer Henrik Brockmann will bring this group much welcomed attention.


Lion Music has a knack of unearthing quality; MISSING TIDE is another fine addition to their roster.


This is a classy debut album let’s not get away from that fact. Marrying Heavy Metal with a stylish Melodic Metal boastfulness MISSING TIDE have a decidedly 1980’s sound to them. However that’s not to say this isn’t fresh, energetic and at times salivating Melodic Heavy Metal.


The guitar riffs are big, bold, and emphatic courtesy of Jacob Kjaer who also handles production, the back line of bassist Kasper Gram and drummer Allan Tschicaja is solid. So often with music of this genre it’s the guitarist and singer who get centre stage but Gram and Tschicaja provide much needed muscle and they stand loud, proud and tall.


Song wise the band run through the gamut of Heavy Metal and Melodic Metal power in the excellent title track that features some very fine guitar playing from Kjaer, the pulsating SAXON meets EUROPE crunch of ‘’Never Surrender’’ the underlying Metal-ness of ‘’Traces Of Fire’’ is not hard to miss with Kjaer once again coming to the fore with a sharp, ecstatic solo. ‘’Fairytale’’ encompasses a great Melodic sound whilst ‘’Dangerous’’ thunders and bangs in True Metal style.


The token lighters in the air banality of the simply awful ballad ‘’Broken Wings’’ harks back to those big budget videos of the 80’s and it’s really not required when there’s a glut of great tracks least of all the MAIDEN-esque gallop of ‘’Take Me High’’ and the sincerity of ‘’Long Live The Heroes’’ complete with a BLACK SABBATH bass line, an ode to the bands that gave MISSING TIDE their influences.


Definitely an instant favourite for fans of TALISMAN, OUTLOUD, ALTARIA and WHITESNAKE et al and IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and DIO.


Honestly Metal doesn’t get much better.

Metal Observer


Missing Tide: Follow the Dreamer
Missing Tide Follow the Dreamer new music review

Missing Tide: Follow the Dreamer

Melodic Hard Rock/Metal
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Missing Tide is the project and collaboration of some Denmark's most profound metal music makers, though I doubt they're ready to call themselves a supergroup. Missing Tide was formed in 2007 by four friends with exceptional credentials: Henrik Brockmann (v), Jacob Kjaer (g), both of Royal Hunt fame, Allan Tschicaja (d, Pretty Maids), and Kasper Gram (b, Manticora). Follow the Dreamer finds this quartet clearing a path through their respective genres to create a finely crafted album which blurs the line between melodic hard rock and metal. There's not a single misfire on Follow the Dreamer; it's all superb, if only conventional. I don't mean this in a bad sense whatsoever. It's a rare talent to craft consistent and believable melodic rock and metal, and Missing Tide does it quite well. From the melodic heavy metal of Traces of Fire to the more melodic hard rock of Follow The Dreamer, Follow the Dreamer blisters with accuracy and enthusiasm. As I said, it's first class from beginning to end, and easy to recommend.


Missing Tide
Follow the Dreamer
Style: Hard Rock/Melodic Metal
Release date: November 6th 2009

Hard rock and melodic metal should be packed with catchy riffs and catchy choruses in my humble opinion, and that’s exactly what the Danish band MISSING TIDE provide us with.


The band consists of vocalist Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt), guitarist Jacob Kjaer (ex-Royal Hunt), bass player Kasper Gram (Manticora) and drummer Allan Tschicaja (Pretty Maids) and ‘Follow the Dreamer’ is the title of their debut album and a pleasant surprise in my book.


We get 11 songs of pure hard rock/melodic metal packed with catchy riffs and catchy choruses. We get a top notch production where every instrument is clearly audible. We get everything that a fan of the melodic side of metal hunger for. Yes, this is certainly a pleasant surprise in book, ass written above.


With a large number of quality cuts to choose from, everyone is bound to have their have their own favourite, but my personal picks could very well be the title track, “Follow the Dreamer”, “Never Surrender”, the up-tempo rocker, “Traces of Fire”, “Push it to the Limit” and the very last track “Long Live the Heroes” a tribute song to all the great hard rock and metal bands of the 80’s.


The band is currently working on new material for their next album... an album that I definitely have to check out.


Thumps up for MISSING TIDE!


01. Follow the Dreamer

02. Never Surrender

03. Traces of Fire

04. Fairytale

06. Dangerous

07. Victim of a Crime

08. Broken Wings

09. Push it to the Limit

10. Take Me High

11. Away

12. Long Live the Heroes