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Flying Through Infinity(CD)



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Palace Terrace is a progressive and neoclassical rock band with a theatrical and modern edge. Their music combines superb musicianship, beautifully crafted melodies, unique harmonic progressions, compelling stories, counterpoint, large orchestrations, wide dynamics, odd meters, stunning vocal arrangements and elaborate forms.

Track Listing
I] The Tenth Dimension
II] Chaos Theory
III] Time Will Tell
IV] I Know Your Home
V] Who Am I
VI] Declaration
VII] Lights Fall Down
VIII] From This Day Forward
IX] End of Time
X] Mesmerized


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Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity
Lion Music

file under Prog / Sympho metal

Winston: That George…who? George Bellas! This multi-musician got an idea to start a progressive and neoclassical band project with both a modern and a theatrical touch. Under the name of Place Terrace surfaces the first album 'Flying Through Infinity' and I can't be anything than enthusiastic about it. What Bellas (someone who like his name th·t much mentions it no less than sixteen times) did is quite impressive really. Together with classical singer John R. Marshall, who handles this kind of music really well and percussionist Sasha Horn this album offers a lot of what you can expect of a prog metal album nowadays.

Technical skilled, counter rhythms and other wizardry are heard but fortunately also melody and feeling. With the dicovery of Marshall Bellas was able to give the album a certain boost. I'm reminded of Pain of Salvation and Daniel Gildenlˆw and then also of Ayreon. Bellas did about everything but vocals and drums so maybe he lost the total view a bit, I would have liked a slight heavier sound. For the orchestral and guitar parts, that is. That's about the only point of criticism or maybe he should have chosen a different title, as it doesn't differ that much from a DreaM Theater album. Progfans can rejoice with this one.

Rating: 87/100 (details)

Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity
16 November 2007

01. The Tenth Dimension
02. Chaos Theory
03. Time Will Tell
04. I Know Your Home
05. Who Am I
06. Declaration
07. Lights Fall Down
08. From This Day Forward
09. End Of Time
10. Mesmerized

It is always a delight when something slightly original comes to surface, and although not totally original, this American trio Palace Terrace do bring an interesting twist to metal with their debut album "Flying Through Infinity". With a spacey mysterious front cover drawing intrigue, this is neoclassical, progressive music, some tracks more progressive rock inclined, and some leaning more towards metal, even progressive space power metal if you like with its wondrous explosions of musical inspiration and creativity.

"The Tenth Dimension" the longest track on the album weighing in at over nine minutes opens the album setting the scene, it almost feels as you are floating uncontrollably in the vast expanse of the universe, but musically there is no big bang until the introduction of the second track "Chaos Theory" that leads in with a flurry of double bass assault accompanied by crazy, chaotic guitar and keyboard compositions that are kept under control by the talented musicians of Palace Terrace.

Although these Tom and Jerry style guitar and keyboard solos are fantastic moments of inspiration and schizophrenic musicianship the album does not lean this way for the most part. For the most part of this album we have neoclassically influenced music of the rock variety. Even "rock" might seem a little inappropriate for "Flying Through Infinity" as the genre invokes images of Dee Sneider and other great rock singers being backed by a solid wall of powerful noise, yet here Palace Terrace seem methodical and precise with their progressive musicianship, more concerned with making sure each guitar solo sounds as inventive and artistic as the last.

Jonathan Marshall does a good job on vocal duties singing with a range of different notes and speeds through the most part of the album, "Time Will Tell", "Who Am I" and "Lights Fall Down" being good examples of his range, the latter also being the most speed metal type on the album with a battery of double bass through the whole song with equally varied piano and guitar placed delicately on the top. "From This Day Forward" is the icing on the cake to what is an impressive album of musicianship and diversity. This song is almost raises the Christmas spirit with its glorious bells and melodies and lovely chorus.

The album, almost an hour in length does have a few dry patches in the middle and the last ten minutes or so of the album. Production is good, but as I refer back to the notion of rock music the album seems surprisingly wafer thin, a crisp production but lacking good, thick meat. But these aside, on the whole "Flying Through Infinity" is an engrossingly interesting and original album that should have people flocking around its ingenious, creative and futuristic neoclassical vibes.


   review from



New project formed around multi-instrumentalist GEORGE BELLAS (ex-RING OF FIRE/ex-MOGG/WAY and releasing a bunch solo instrumental CDs) with a CD that will easily find it’s way to the fans of Neo-Classical Melodic Rock/Metal, imagine a mix between KAMELOT, SHADOW GALLERY, a lighter SYMPHONY X, some MALMSTEEN and ENCHANT and you’re quite close. Vocals are handled perfectly by an unknown singer called Jonathan R Marshall, who has a great voice. Songs like “Chaos Theory”, “Time Will Tell” (some 70s KANSAS influences), “Mesmerized” and “End of Time” are showing this project has something interesting to offer. Production could have been a bit bigger, but on the other hand the songs are very impressive to say the least. Fans of Neo-Classical Rock/Metal will absolutely love this release! More info at: and and and


(Points: 8.3 out of 10)

Strutter Zine, Netherlands

Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity

Lion Music

Rating - 7/10

Review Al Hey

Lion Music is a label blessed with some of the world’s virtuoso guitarists. They may not have the profile of players such as Satriani, Vai, Gilbert or Petrucci but be in no doubt that they can still hold their own and if truth be said sometimes have more individual character to their playing styles. One such player is George Bellas (ex Ring Of Fire, Mogg/Way) who not only plays guitar to a terrifying level but also composes in the true sense of the word.

Palace Terrace is a band featuring Bellas), vocalist Jonathan Marshall and precussionist Sasha Horn and, whilst Bellas may be known in guitar circles for his instrumental albums, “Flying Through Infinity” as a project is vocal based, with of course dazzling guitar work. The aim with this album was to combine their superb musicianship with crafted melodies, unique harmonic progressions, compelling stories, counterpoint, large orchestrations, wide dynamics, odd meters, stunning vocal arrangements and elaborate forms. That’s a tall order but after a few plays through of the album I can say they have achieved every aspect that they set out to accomplish.

There is one feature of the aforementioned list, which did worry me as soon as I read it and that was odd meters. I have found that time signatures can often do two things to a piece of music. It either becomes incredibly interesting and, at times, exciting or it switches off the listener if it’s just too involved and if you’re wondering why I’m drawing your attention to this it’s because there’s a section of this album in 99/32 time! The album kicks off with “The Tenth Dimension” which has one of those time signatures that at first has you wondering what the hell is going on till your brain adjusts to the weirdness of it all. It took me an age to get this song to work which was a shame as the melodies and layered vocal harmonies on this track are fabulous and the series of guitar solo’s are magical thanks to the ever changing backing.

“Chaos Theory” sees the band pressing the speed button and melodies fly by at an alarming rate. As the guitars and keyboards played in unison I was reminded of “Flight Of The Bumble Bee”. “Time Will Tell” struck me as a song lost within its own sophisticated arrangement. Sometimes the lyrics actually sound rather clumsy due to the way they have been composed to fit within the tempo. It’s a shame as the vocal performance is fantastic and the guitar solo play out is wonderful.

“I Know Your Home” sees the band laying down a storming hard rock groove and galloping down the tracks before the song morphs into a vocal tour de force that sounds almost hymn like in its arrangement. There are moments of real harmonic beauty within this track. “Who Am I” has a beginning that brought to mind Kansas. As a song it’s more straightforward than what has gone before and as a result the listener can home in on the wonderful melodies and rich harmonic structure of the track. The guitar solo is exhilarating as it rises and falls with melodic patterns.

“Declaration” sees the return of the intricate rhythms but also the orchestration is stepped up a notch creating a very rich mix. There is a glorious guitar workout in the middle section, which had me returning to this track over and over again and, if there was a downside, it was that the clever time signatures started to mildly detract from the beauty of the track.

“Lights Fall Down” gets things back to foot to the floor speedy drumming and delivers a vibrant neo-classical romp through arpeggios and lightening fast licks. As a song it didn’t make a huge impression on me as the vocal melodies feel a little bit out on a limb. Instrumentally though it’s all very exciting stuff. “From This Day Forward” feels big and mildly epic but somehow just never really catches fire in a way that the opening segment implies. Saying that the vocal arrangement is out of this world.

“End Of Time” is a sophisticated song with an incredible guitar solo and intricate vocal harmonies and I found it got better and better on each play. The final track is “Mesmerized” which had me intrigued with its dark and yet uplifting mood. The guitar solo is delicate and yet intense and the final vocal lines are magnificent.

I found “Flying Through Infinity” took a few listens to really get under my skin. The vocals on this project are truly wonderful and they made an immediate impact. Sometimes they sounded a bit strange but I put it down to the fact that much of the vocal performance has been composed and so vocally sometimes things go where you don’t expect, but that makes it special at the end of the day. George Bellas plays lots of terrifying guitar that will have the shredders up all night trying to fathom how he does it and like the vocals he takes his melody lines to places rarely visited. The only thing that will put some listeners off is the sophisticated time signatures. It takes a good few listens to understand quiet a few of them. Perseverance pays off but I know there are some who want their fix to be more immediate. Saying that the whole album has a unique feel to it and almost a spiritual vibe, which I am sure, was the bands vision so looking for the quick and easy listen possibly wasn’t their intention in the first place. As it stands however I think that may just hold this release back a little bit.

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Track Listing

The Tenth Dimension
Chaos Theory
Time Will Tell
I Know Your Home
Who Am I
Lights Fall Down
From This Day Forward
End of Time

Line Up

George Bellas - Guitar/Bass/Keys/Vocals
Jonathon R. Marshall - Vocals
Sasha Horn - Percussion

Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity (Lion Music) By: Joe Florez
This is the latest project from guitar virtuoso George Bellas. Only those in the know will realize that he’s a man that gets around because he’s been in numerous bands. Those who may have not heard of the man should know that he is an accomplished guitar virtuoso who’s in high demand. In addition to showcasing his talents in his solo works, he’s managed to throwdown his great licks for the likes of John West (Artension, ex-Royal Hunt), Ring Of Fire and others. I think the man is talented beyond belief, but I have never quite gotten him as there is something missing in my eyes. Hopefully this record will change all that.
“The Tenth Dimension” is a long and epic opener. Clocking in at a whopping nine and a half
minutes, you would think that this would be on fire in order to get your attention. Instead, this is a mid pacer that is written quite uniquely. The elements are there to be a power/prog fest filled with shreds and high pitch screams. Instead, we have this singer Jonathan who sings professionally as a classical vocalist. It’s clean and he never gets overly excited with his lung work. It’s always in control. George’s riffs definitely have the feeling to go off, but it’s pretty much relaxed and all in check. He does a little showboating, but doesn’t charter into the Yngwie territory. The drums also have the capability to go off the wall, but don’t. This is more or less a neo-classical, progressive rock song more so than metal. The keyboards add a touch of pizzazz that actually keep you awake. There are some great harmonious background vocals utilized here as well. It’s a good composition, but I was expecting a little more oomph in this one as opposed to sounding more classical a combo of neo-classical power prog metal.
Yes! “Chaos Theory” is what I was expecting when I pushed play at first. The shred action is here, the tempo is kicked up ten fold. The double bass drumming is quick and tight while the fingers on the keys just flail all over the place and Jon’s signing is slightly higher, but he has more energy than before. Jesus Christ! There is a solo on here where everyone absolutely goes off at such a high rate of speed that “Flight Of The Bumblebee” comes to mind. I like it and the fans will too! By the time this record was finished, I was satisfied with the end product. The thing is that you have to be patient with it. You aren’t going to get the usual elements that are associated with a Rhapsody Of Fire, Primal Fear, Yngwie and the like. Well, at least not right away. You have to wait for them. This is an epic storytelling concept record that requires patience, but in the end you will be happy with this as well. The songs are written and performed in such a way that it’s not about any of the musicians involved. It’s about the music and it’s all composed and performed in a classy way that it’s not being overshadowed by spotlight hogs. This is an intelligently written record that George has to be congratulated on. He has gone through the trouble to make a record that isn’t like everything else on the market. I believe that he wants you to sit with this and try to grasp it whether it takes one listen or many. In the end, if you appreciate music from all walks of life then you will digest this with no problem. A wonderful journey awaits your ears if you are willing to put the time into this. |
Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity (7/10) - USA - 2007

Genre: Progressive Metal / Melodic Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 59:20
Band homepage: Palace Terrace


  1. The Tenth Dimension
  2. Chaos Teory
  3. Time Will Tell    
  4. I Know You're Home
  5. Who Am I
  6. Declaration
  7. Lights Fall Down
  8. From This Day Forward
  9. End Of Time
  10. Mesmerized
Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity 

Less than a year after they were formed, Illinois-based Progressive Rockers PALACE TERRACE have released their first album. Such quick turnaround can probably be attributed to guitarist George Bellas, who’s been long established in the world of Prog Rock as both a go-to-guitarist for studio recordings and as an artist of his own. PALACE TERRACE is his first personal project to feature a vocalist, in this case Jonathan R. Marshall. Percussionist Sasha Horn rounds out the mix.


“Flying Through Infinity” is a concept album based around a soul’s journey through an infinity of space and dimensions. Y’know, fairly standard Prog stuff. In fact, “farily standard Prog stuff” could almost suffice as the entirety of the review. The band skirts the border between Rock and Metal, which usually (and rightly) means that you could just as easily label this Melodic Metal. It’s the sort of comfortable crossroads of the three genres that bands from Lion Music usually occupy. Optimistic and, befitting the story line, full of wonder, the music on “Flying Through Infinity” is not going to be outside of anybody’s comfort zone.


As you would probably expect, Bellas comes across as the star of the album—if not for his virtuoso guitar work, then for his ubiquitous synthesizers. For a guitar master, he’s surprisingly restrained with his six-string; he doesn’t show off nearly as much as you’d expect and when he does he shows as much a Classical or Jazz influence as an instinct for shredding. He could have cut back on the mood-setting synths a bit, though. For the rest of the band, Horn handles the skins well and Marshall sounds exactly like you’d expect a Prog vocalist to sound. I swear, there’s a factory somewhere out there producing Prog vocalists.

What PALACE TERRACE does have to hold above its competition, then, is not in any sort of creative or individualistic value, but rather its sheer professionalism. Everybody handles his job competently and sound good doing it. It’s not as non-committal an album as I’m used to and it avoids a lot of the sins of excess common to the genre. Still, it’s not doing anything particularly new, so while I can’t give PALACE TERRACE a resounding recommendation, I can say that fans of the genre will certainly be entertained for an hour.

(Online January 2, 2008)