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Conquer and Divide



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Mike Vescera and Joe Stump's killer power metal act. Lion Music's version includes bonus track.


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Joe Stump

The Reign Of Terror - Conquer & Divide
Lion Music

conquer.jpg (21876 bytes)Horst: Dames en heren, ik ga het mezelf nu even heel makkelijk maken. Willen allen die dit review geopend hebben even terugblikken naar Dan haal ik ondertussen even een biertje…

Zo…dat was lekker. Bent U er weer? Mooi. Dan heeft U inmiddels vast wel gelezen dat dit combo onder leiding van Joe Stump een aardige pot Hardrock/Metal wist te maken op de CD ‘Sacred Ground’. Weliswaar zwaar beïnvloed door het klassieke werk van Rainbow en Malmsteen, maar edoch toch zeer zeker genietbaar, zolang U maar geen problemen met een overdaad aan clichés hebt. Welnu, met de opvolger ‘Conquer & Divide’ leeft de band zich in precies dezelfde samenstelling in precies hetzelfde straatje uit, met alle voor en tegens die daar mee gepaard gaan. Het enige verschil wat ik zelf bespeur is dat het allemaal een tikkeltje heavier klinkt. Wederom is originaliteit ver te zoeken, maar voor de tussendoor trek valt dit Neoklassieke Shred album best licht te verteren.

Score: 79/100 reiew from


conquer.jpg (21876 bytes)

Reign Of Terror's new album "Conquer & Divide" is their strongest up to
date. It's much better than their previous album "Sacred Ground". Mike
Vescera (ex Yngwie Malmsteen), Joe Stump & Co are showing that they have
been around in the business for quite some time now, and that they
certainly knows how to make good hard rock in the Deep Purple, Rainbow and
Yngwie Malmsteen tradition. Special guest keyboard player Mats Olausson
(Yngwie Malmsteen) are handling the keys on the album. "Conquer & Divide"
is better than many of Yngwie's latest albums. It's actually one of the
better metal releases I've heard recently.

Greger Ronnqvist, Prog-Reviews


conquer.jpg (21876 bytes)

‘Conquer and divide’ is the new album of REIGN OF TERROR, the American band formed around guitarist Joe Stump and lead vocalist Michael Vescara. Without a doubt, this is a high quality release that basically sets the record straight for classic American Melodic Heavy Rock and is clearly in the style of RIOT, FIFTH ANGEL, IMPELLITTERI, LEATHERWOLF and AXEL RUDI PELL (very much!). Except for the great semi-melodic rockballad “The meaning” and the instrumentals “Seance” and “Lament”, most of the songs are straightforward uptempo melodic heavy rockers with biting guitarwork and excellent vocals. My favourite tracks are “Conquer and divide”, “No limits”, “Forsaken”, “Sacrifice” and “Sign of the cross” (LOVELY! Pure MALMSTEEN). Fans of classic American Melodic Heavy Rock will definitely love this new CD of REIGN OF TERROR!

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)  Strutter Zine

REIGN OF TERROR 'Conquer & Divide' Lion Music (2003)

conquer.jpg (21876 bytes)
   US power metal band with a line-up of Michael Vescera (vocals), Joe Stump
(guitars), Jay Rigney (bass), Matt Scurfield (drums0 and guest Mats Olausson
(keyboards). 'Conquer and Divide' lays down the band's style from the off -
rapid fire drumming, guitar riffing to the max and high-pitched vocals. The
keyboards are also high in the mix but the guitar is the star on this
release. Joe Stump's guitar soloing is featured in all songs and he really
lets fly! Rainbow come to mind during the soloing on 'No Forgiving'.  The
Priest like 'Sacrifice' positively steams along and 'Bite the Bullet' is a
classic headbanging tune. The pace only slows on the European bonus track,
the instrumental 'The Lament' with the guitars backed by keyboards.
   Fans of classic power metal like Helloween, Hammerfall and Yngwie
Malmsteen should check this album out. There are also some Rainbow/Dio
touches in there as well. And no power ballads in sight!

Classic Rock Newswire - Jason Richie