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Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos (CD)



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Charly Sahona is best known as the guitarist in the modern French progressive metal band Venturia.  Late 2008 saw Charly begin work on what has become his debut solo album entitled “Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” set for release on February 19th 2010 on Lion Music.  This 8 track release is built around heavy riffs, catchy vocal lines and  crazy solos. Comparisons can be made if one was to fuse Dream Theater with Muse and 30 Seconds To Mars. This album offers a fresh sound, modern and direct, heavy and  begs to be heard.


Reviewed by Mike on 2010/02/09

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Lion Music
  1. Relieved
  2. Raise the Shadow
  3. Away From Our Sins
  4. Forgotten Past
  5. River of Lies
  6. Living In A Dream Is Not Right
  7. It Will Fly Away
  8. All That Can’t Be Said

Charly Sahona - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Diego Rapacchietti - Drums
Thomas James-Potrel - Bass

Solo albums by guitarists that have a day-job in another band are a mixed bag. Some, like the works of Jeff Loomis, Richie Sambora and Marty Friedman, were an outlet for ideas that wouldn’t necessarily work in their full-time bands. Sambora’s "Stranger in This Town", in particular, shows a passionately emotional, bluesy side to Sambora that is absent in his work with BON JOVI (if you like blues music with great guitar-work, definitely hunt this album down). Others, like TWISTED SISTER’s Eddie Ojeda, make you wonder why they even bothered. Needless to say, a solo album by the guitarist of some French band that I’ve never heard of before did not elicit much excitement on my part, at least at first.


Charly Sahona is the guitarist and keyboardist of the melodic prog Metal band VENTURIA. VENTURIA was formed in 2000, with their debut being released in 2005. Writing for this album began during the recording process for VENTURIA’s follow-up, "Hybrid", in 2008. Sahona is joined by the bassist and drummer of VENTURIA.


The chemistry between the three members is a benefit towards the sound of the group as a whole. While after listening to some of VENTURIA’s songs on their MySpace page I realized that I am definitely not a fan, SAHONA’s solo album sounds much different. Seven-string guitars are employed; there are progressive time-signatures present, but they are not an overwhelming theme. A comparison would probably include MUSE, DREAM THEATER, PATHOSRAY and CRISES.


I like how the focus is not just on guitar-work; catchy vocal melodies, solid riffs and keyboards are effectively deployed to add depth to the music. That being said, there are some great guitar solos to be found as well. "Relieved" and "Away From Our Sins", in particular, showcase Sahona’s talent at writing songs that are both catchy and technical.


This album is so good that one has to wonder if these three guys would just be better off cutting their ties and focusing on this band. Charly Sahona has written an album that goes beyond what one would expect from a guitarist’s solo album, while not overlooking the opportunity to showcase his talent. Although it is inferior to HEATHEN’s new album, "Naked Thoughts from a Silent Chaos" gets a high rating and my recommendation. You might be as surprised as I was.

Charly SAHONA: "Naked Thoughts From a Silent Chaos" 8

Lion Music 2010
Review by The Bailey Brothers,
07 February 2010

Charly Sahona is a recognised French guitar player in the band Venturia. They had an album out titled "Hybrid" in 2008. Let’s not put a tag on the typical music genre so that way you will have no pre-conception of what to expect from Charly. Having said that; the opening track sent us right down memory lane to early Rush and the 2112 album but Sahona is not of the same high vocal range. Perhaps that may be an anvil round their neck as Rush are a hard act to follow. Charley is making his singing debut and a decent effort it is, there is a youtube video of the song “ Relieved” well worth checking out. The band are as tight as a duck’s arse and so they should be as they all play in Venturia. Drummer Diego Rapacchietti looks like he wrestles bears bare handed for a hobby; a real powerhouse drummer and bassist Thomas James-Potrol looks like he’s strapped the family side board round his neck with his six string bass. This brings a de-tuned modern style and a ball kicking riff that Sahona compliments with a solid rhythm guitar. The cool thing about Sahona is he doesn’t sing or play guitar by numbers and this adds to the interest. The vocal lines are full of melody and the opening riff often returns to keep the power and energy at maximum level. I’ve seen a few youtube videos of Sahona shredding on the guitar to camera but there’s a shit load of guys on youtube all doing a version of the same thing playing fast. It’s when you take on board all that knowledge and make it work with in a frame work of a song that counts. Not only does he demonstrate his playing ability but he’s come up with some bloody good songs notably “Forgotten Past” Where he finally gets rewarded for all those years learning classical piano as a youngster. There’s a cool piano solo over a bombastic rhythm section introduced with an equally as impressive guitar riff. “River Of fears” is underpinned with yet another cool bass line and although this is a solo album you have to compliment the band for their input which is the fuel that fans the flames and make this song set alight especially when Sahona sheds his guitar solo. There’s only one filler and that’s “Living In A Dream Is Not right” It lacked any real talking point and although it came at the right time to slow the pace down it never really had much to say for itself given the spotlight.

"Naked Thoughts From a Silent Chaos" will definitely grow on you, there’s a live feel to this band and that oozes out like a cork from the party champagne all over this disc. Maybe vocal debutant Sahona had some influence on the mix and pulled his lead vocal down a shade to low at times? Or maybe my ears are shot from a lifetime of rock abuse? Who cares? I hope these dudes get their French arses over the water to the UK. It would be cool to capture this power trio live.