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The Dark Gift (CD)



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Limited Edition Digipak with remixes and video clip

Satyrian – The Dark Gift
Satyrian – The Dark Gift
Country of Origin: Finland
Format: CD
Record Label: Lion Music
Catalogue #: LMC193
Year of Release: 2006
Time: 37:44
Info: Satyrian
Samples: Click here

Tracklist: Invictus [Master Of Fate ReMix] (4:05), The Dark Gift [The Lygophilia Remix] (5:57), Eternitas [Infinite Synthesis] (3:56), Fall From Grace [The Fallen Remix] (5:03), The Dark Gift [TimV Fused Radio Edit] (3:40), No Tears, No Embrace [The Satyr’s Cave Remix] (5:38), Ewigkeit [Ikuisuus Chill Out ReMix] (4:52), The Dark Gift [Album Version] (4:33)

Why am I reviewing, on a progressive-rock website, an album consisting of goth-metal songs remixed as techno/dance? Two reasons: Lion Music sent the CD to DPRP for review; and I like it, dammit!

Satyrian, under that name and their former name and former configuration, Dance Macabre, have released several albums; this one features remixes of six songs from their last album (and the only one they’ve released as Satyrian), Eternitas. I should begin by saying (as if I had to) that this album is not for everyone. It may not even be for everyone who likes gothic metal or everyone who likes techno music, though I’m going to recommend it to such people. It’s the combination of those two genres, though, that makes the CD very interesting, even unique. Were it not for the two female singers (Kemi Vita and Judith Stüber), I’m not sure the combination would work, because the growly vocals of Roman Schönsee, which also feature prominently, sound pretty bizarre in the techno setting; but those lovely female voices hold the whole thing together.

Not having heard the original album, I am, I guess, at a bit of a disadvantage, because I can’t compare these songs to their originals. However, it may be that I think as well as I do of this album because I don’t know the original one. Surely if a techno remix album is better than the original, the band is in trouble? So I’ll talk about this album only on its own terms. I’ll start by pointing out that there are three versions of the title song of this album (though which came first – the title or the decision to include three mixes of The Dark Gift? I don’t know). The album’s final track is the original version of the song from Eternitas, and it’s also my favourite. Interestingly, though it doesn’t have the same insistent dance beat throughout, even this version is propulsive and peppy . Like the most effective of the other songs, it features a balance between Schönsee’s growly vocals and the women’s ethereal ones; also like many of the others, it’s heavy on keyboard work, most particularly a lovely but simple piano but also a stabbing Eighties-sounding synthesizer.

But the remixes of that song are good, too, each offering a different enough take on the song to justify the three versions’ inclusion on one short album. Of the other songs, the best is probably Eternitas (on which Schönsee’s voice reminds me very much of that of Christofer Johnsson of the mighty Therion). The techno beat slows down two-thirds of the way through this one, too, and we get a very tasty guitar solo – a nice treat on an album such as this. Another particularly good track is No Tears, No Embrace, which has a Middle Eastern feel to it and which, for all its insistent percussion, is haunting and effective. And Ewigkeit, the last proper track (the original The Dark Gift is a bonus track), eschews the dance beat (though not the electronic percussion) entirely in favour of gorgeous singing by Vita and Stüber – very nice indeed.

So, yes, I like this CD. Is it “progressive,” even given the somewhat liberal range of definitions we allow that term? Hell no! But it’s fresh, fun, even in an odd way experimental. And I’ve listened to the damned thing two dozen times already with pleasure, so I can add that it’s infectious. If you’re interested in Goth music, symphonic metal, or techno, you’ll probably like this album. At the very least, it’ll certainly stand out from anything else in your collection, no matter how large or eclectic that collection is.

Conclusion: 8 out of 10


SATYRIAN - The Dark Gift
Lion Music

Metal Express Rating: 5.5/10

Release Date: 2006-12-15



Lion Music Before reviewing the disc at hand, it’s best to take a look at the band itself: Satyrian is basically a Gothic band which released their first album on Lion Music in 2006 called Eternitas, quite an outstanding release within the genre with very strong melodies and remarkable songs (MER review). Before that, they were called Danse Macabre and published several more albums on different labels. Members are German and Scandinavian, although the band base seems to be Germany. Their style is bombastic Goth/Pop that one can dance to with three vocalists for the male clean, male grunted, and typical female Goth vocals. Keyboards and programming are important ingredients of their music, which makes them probably difficult to digest for the traditional Metalhead.

One needs a little information to understand the EP The Dark Gift as it contains no new songs, but only remixes from Eternitas. Remixes are not very common in Metal, and so it is no surprise that this release only scratches the genre. But, for the open-minded music fan, it contains a few very interesting and entertaining tracks, so if you consider yourself among the said target group, read on.

To sum up their style on The Dark Gift, this is probably the recipe: Take 30 percent of Sundown, 20 percent of Lake Of Tears, add 10 percent Therion, and the other 40 percent are made of equal parts of Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys, and Depeche Mode. Spice with hints of Sentenced. Stir.

The seven remixes are made by three different persons, and they make all the difference as the songs in their original version are all very good:

Remixes by Roman Schoensee (The Dreamside): “Invictus” and “The Dark Gift”

Roman’s remix of “Invictus” is easily the heaviest song on The Dark Gift, as it is the only one with a heavy riff. He isolated the guitar sound, put it much more into the front, but other than that, he fails to make much of an impression. The album version feels more mature, more complete. With his version of the “Dark Gift,” this impression is even stronger. The dance beat is catchy and nice, but fails to recapture the most important part of the track, which is the fragility of the female vocals in contrast to the driving drum beat. The new rhythm is too dominant and breaks the delicate balance that makes the album version so enjoyable.

Remixes by TmV (Shade Factory): “Eternitas” and “The Dark Gift”

TmV approaches Satyrian’s style from the Electro side, which suits the songs well. The increased pace of “Eternitas” and the reduced bombast carve out the profiles of the individual instruments without being dulled by layers of background keyboard sounds. This is even more audible in his version of “The Dark Gift”: his remix is minimalistic, and also over a minute shorter than the album version. The opulent chorus is stripped naked, and reduced to its mere necessities, revealing its multi-melodic character in the process.

Remixes by Örkki (Satyrian): “Fall From Grace,” “No Tears, No Embrace,” and “Ewigkeit”

The only one with three remixes is a member of the band. It strikes as odd as the original sound should have reflected his preferences already. So it does not come as a surprise that his remixes, apart from being two dancefloor versions of the originals and a laid back, fittingly called chill out remix of the song “Ewigkeit,” retain the general character of the album versions.

In total, three of the remixes are excellent and can stand in line with the originals on Eternitas -- that is what the band wanted, that fans see The Dark Gift as an add on to the album –- namely “Eternitas” by TmV, “Fall From Grace” by Örkii, and “The Dark Gift” by TmV. Two more are good, and two are defintely inferior to the album versions: “The Dark Gift” by Roman Schoensee and “Ewigkeit” by Örkki. So there is light and shadow on this EP, and it would not have hurt to have more different songs rather than three times “The Dark Gift” (the third is the original album version added to the end of the EP), but it is an interesting experiment and definitely worth to try, unless dancefloor beats give you the measels.

Satyrian - The Dark Gift (Mini-CD)
Lion Music

file under Gothic metal

Satyrian - The Dark GiftVera: Earlier this year Satyrian released their debut album 'Eternitas'. On this dark Christmas gift one can find some re-worked songs of that album. When talking about remixes, I think of songs where they added a heavy disco beat, guitars are replaced by springy or floating keyboards, slightly esoteric female vocals and dark male vocals. That is how they can make the songs completely different, you do not recognize them and that is exactly what happened.

The songs have gotten an alternative version and this is done by TmV of the Finnish gothic and electro band Shade Factory, other ones by Roman Schoensee of The Dreamside and some of them by the main man and composer of Satyrian Jan Yrlund, an accomplished artwork artist as well. Jan describes this MCD as an add on to the 'Eternitas' album. That is one way to see it. I am usually not fond of remixes and disco beats, but this is done pretty well and some of the songs could even charm me (but I do like Samael too). Sometimes I get a bit too much of a Faithless feeling, if you know what I mean, but anyway… Central song 'The Dark Gift' can be found here in three versions, also in the usual album version and that is a track with many eighties new wave influences, even in the original version. And of course the gothic metal audience is only one step away from a festival like Wave Gotik Treffen where a lot of electro bands perform. By showing this other face of Satyrian, the band openly applies for a place at this festival. Some of the fans of Rammstein will like this too.

No score

Satyrian – The Dark Gift

2006 Lion Music

Right off the heels of Eternitas, comes a remix record that explores an even more technical side to the bands dark musical passages. Similar to what OSI did with RE:Free, elements of techno, house, dance, and trip-hop find their way into the eight select tracks to only enhance the Gothic and metal atmosphere that was originally perpetrated as Satyrian’s musical stance.

The mixes on the EP vary, for example, “Fall from Grace” is highly upbeat, the title track is highly electronic, “No Tears, No Embrace” sounds solid enough to have possibly been an original recording, and “Invictus” is like a long lost Rammstein track; whereas the music/mixing style varies from track to track.

If The Dark Gift makes it on American mainstream radio it will be a massive success; the thing about Satyrian, is that they put musicianship first rather than succumb to corporate major label expectations. You cant deny that the melodies on The Dark Gift are much more fluid and intense than anything that you will hear on an Evanescence record, so take note.

CLICK HERE to read a Review of “Eternitas.”

Added: December 30th 2006
Reviewer: Tommy Hash
Related Link: Satyrian Link
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Band: Satyrian
Title: The Dark Gift
Label:  Lion Music

After the phenomenal success of the bands debut release 'Eternitas', gothic metallers Satyrian have followed up the success of said album and revamped a number of tracks from the album, which puts a totally new spin on them and creates some techno dance remixes.

The same gothic sound of the original album is still there, but the added electro sound added by TmV from Shade Factory and by band members Roman Schoensee and Jan Yrlund, give the songs and Satyrian another dimension.

Of the twelve original tracks on the Eternitas album only eight have been given the electro makeover.  The first of these is ‘Invictus’, which is almost unrecognisable from the original version as the dark tones of Schoensee give way to the thumping bass lines and the almost heart beat pounding keyboards, that when the majestic tones of the twin vocals of Kemi Vita and Judith Stuber step in, give the track that familiar haunting edge that was so prominent on the original album version.

Things continue along a similar vein with the title track ‘The Dark Gift’, another thumping club mix that adds another level to an already great track and is the first of three versions of the song, including the original album version.

When I first heard the original album, I likened the album to a dark version of The Sisters of Mercy, but these new remixes take the band nearer the Rammstein sound, which isn’t a bad thing from the band analogy side of things.

One of my favourite remixed versions of the tracks has to be the second remixed version of the title track ‘The Dark Gift’, as this is a truly haunting version of the original.

Another favourite of mine is the enhanced version of ‘No Tears, No Embrace’, the haunting melodies mixed with the electronic drum and bass works wonderfully.

This is a must buy for anyone who picked up the original album and those of you who like a little techno metal as this album will enlighten even the darkest of minds.


1. Invictus (Fate ReMix)
2. The Dark Gift (Lygophilia ReMix)
3. Eternitas (Infinite Synthesis)
4. Fall From Grace (Fallen ReMix)
5. The Dark Gift (TimV Fused Radio ReMix)
6. No Tears, No Embrace (Satyr's Cave Club ReMix)
7. Ewigkeit (Ikuisuus Chill Out ReMix)
8. The Dark Gift 



‘Eternitas’ has taken a long time to get to fruition. The basic backing tracks were put down between December 2002 and February 2003 when the band – guitarist and composer Jan Yrlund, bassist Milos Marisevic and drummer Merijn Mol – were still operating under the name Danse Macabre. Roping in producer Oliver Philipps to provide piano and some clean vocals, The Dreamside’s singer Kemi Vita and Judith Stüber (who’d sung on Danse Macabre’s ‘Eva’ album) for the female vocals and Roman Schönsee (bassist of The Dreamside) to bark and growl, they broke off recordings for a summer tour in 2003. When they got back they realised they had a viable band on their hands. The three singers finished the vocals a year later while they rest of the band stripped down the recordings and added new parts (and a new song). The results were mastered in April 2005, the band were released from their existing contract in autumn 2005 and signed to Lion Music, and, as Satyrian, finally released the album in March 2006.


OK, so from the past to the present; was it worth the wait? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Like a fine wine, ‘Eternitas’ has been given time to mature through its lengthy period of gestation and, loudly ‘n’ proudly wearing its Sisters Of Mercy influences on its sleeve, it features a mix of pure traditional Goth, industrial hammerbeats and Twenty-First Century Metal Female Voices atmosphere. The title track and album opener immediately points the direction the album is going to follow: a short, slower piano version of the main riff quickly gets swamped as everything kicks in and ups both the tempo and the game at once. It’s possibly the most Sisters’ song on the album –but that’s no bad thing in itself – and is followed by the uber-heavy Rammstein-ish ‘Invictus’. Elsewhere, just to comment on some of the songs that really did it for me, I love the vocals and piano backing in ‘My Legacy’ and I’m a sucker for the hopelessness and despair of ‘This Dream’.   


Philipps has done a good job on the production side, and with the piano touches too; but come to that, there are no slouches in this band. All credit though to Yrlund who not only wrote the songs and pulls off some nice guitar work, but who also produced the artwork –obviously one of those annoying buggers who’s far too clever for his own good! The only song that fails to ruffle my flag is ‘Bridge Of Death’ which is a bit too folky and twee for me; it veers almost into a gothic version of Blackmore’s Night (kind of like the man in black, in black). And I think at 55 minutes the album could have done with a slight trim to make it slightly shorter and a bit more punchy. But aside from that, ‘Eternitas’ is a true gothic dream – or nightmare, depending on how you slice your pleasure and pain. I’m already looking forwards to the follow-up album – so long as it doesn’t take another three-and-a-half years! 


John Tucker, Fireworks Magazine UK

July 2006

Satyrian - Eternitas (cd Lion Music)
Satyrian is a fabulous international goth-rock band that rose up from the ashes of Danse Macabre with a few more members from The Dreamside joining in. “Eternitas” seems to be a kind of re-release on their new label Lion Music! The sound of Satyrian is pure melodic gothic-metal music. The angelic and artistic female vocal parts are for sure reminding me of Within Temptation. The song “The haunted lovers” for example is an amazing emulation of Within Temptation. “Eternitas” is animated by a kind of duality between the heavier guitar riffs and melodic, delicate piano arrangements. The same feelings come back with the production of the vocals. At one side you’ve the heavenly vocals of 2 female singers and at the other side a male vocalist singing a harsher way. There’s a constant mix of powerful guitar parts and refined gothic elements. Songs like “Feel the rush”, “Eternitas”, “The dark gift” or yet “Fall from grace” just reveal the brilliance of this opus, which even seduced me more than Within Temptation! In a different style comes the medieval approach of the “The bridge of death”-cut, which is also a real success! Satyrian perfectly knows the way to mix power, melodies, emotions and a touch of mystery with each other! This is a real great album! (DP:8/9)DP.

Satyrian – Eternitas

2006 Lion Music

Dual female vocals (from both the lovely Kemi Vita & Judith Stüber), the occasional melodic growls & clear pipes, the Goth vibe, and the neo-classically tinged melodies; does this sound like a recipe for clonage? No! Satyrian takes all these elements and molds them into a structurally sound song format along with the technical approach to create a sound of their own, combining the atmosphere of Winterlong, the Sisters of Mercy, late-period Fates Warning, and Children of Bodum, with a four-person vocal presence to add different personalities to the mix.

However, Eternitas is a dark record, very dark indeed, pondering upon the scope of sub industrial landscapes along the occasional edge of extreme aggression, which of course is used at appropriation rather than letting any harsh texture get in the way of the gloom ridden soundscape that Satyrian provides. Luckily Eternitas is not another clone of say, Lacuna Coil or The Gathering, for which there are the chaotic/symphonic moments (“Eternitas” & “Fall from Grace”), mood laden melodies (“The Dark Gift” & “No Tears No Embrace”) and of course the mysticism within the occasional balladry (“Feel the Rush” & “Sacred Lies”).

Much less cinematic, being more melodic; the record is higher on the accessible level, rather than turning out to be a ‘clone’ of some sorts, Satyrian are boldly arming themselves with a diverse arsenal of musical elements that provide a salvo of ear candy to the aural senses.

Added: June 27th 2006
Reviewer: Tommy Hash




By: Black Angel

Those of you that were left with a bad taste in your mouth from the latest Theatre Of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil albums, fear not, there is another band on the horizon that brings back the abrasive sound and a whole lot more. The band is called Satyrian and making elaborate, soulful, racy, Goth inspired Metal is the name of their game. Actually, the band has far surpassed their peers, the music and arrangements on Eternitas is well written, structured and flat out smart. In no way could this album have been thought up in a flat somewhere over a couple of pints.

Satyrian is comprised of members of the already sensational bands Danse Macabre and The Dreamside. I don't need to further elaborate on their greatness. While the band isn't doing anything really groundbreaking, they do feature not one, not two, but three singers! You read that right, the band has two female vocalists and one male. Surprisingly, it's not confusing or sloppy, often times this happens when there are too many vocalists in the band. The stronghold of the album is the orchestration and arrangements of the music, as well as the vocals of Kemi Vita and Judith Stuber. The album offers a plethora of different styles from Dark Wave to Atmospheric, to Metal to Folk-inspired New Age hymns and they're all backed by elements of Classical music. My personal favorite is "Bridge Of Death", it sounds like it could have been written by Loreena McKennitt. It has the whole middle-eastern vibe going and works out well with the scheme of the album. Other highlights off of Eternitas are the haunting "This Dream", "Ewigkeit" and the Metal-injected "Haunted".

Honestly, I don't think any other band featuring a female vocalist could put out a better album than Eternitas this year. And it doesn't look like the competition is stiff either, save for the new Liv Kristine disc. Satyrian has my vote for best album of the year from a relatively unknown band. I highly recommed this disc to anybody that enjoyed the past works of Nightwish, Epica, Theatre Of Tragedy and Lacuna Coil.

(Lion Music)

The early days of Satyrian was the band DANSE MACABRE, a band whose album I had bought some years ago. Now it is the time of Satyrian with their debut album "Eternitas" which was released through Lion Music last month. The band has included twelve songs and almost an hour of gothic/atmospheric metal music. From the opening track the band gives us what we are about to listen to in the next hour of their album. Definitely the band knows really well what they want to pass to the listener through their album and it is almost needless to say that their compositions are more than well worked and they have included some very interesting ideas and created some really impressive song structures. So as a typical gothic/atmospheric metal band, Satyrian have dual male and female vocals, with the male vocals sometimes being a bit more aggressive. The thing that I adored mostly in Satyrian, except of course for their music was the fact that I found their songs and arrangements very theatrical. It was a surprise for me and of course their production and sound are more than excellent. Generally Satyrian have gathered a lot of influences from rock to metal music and from classic to atmospheric. I believe that their new album is one of the best for this year in the gothic/atmospheric metal scene!
Official Site:
E-mail band:
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Antonis  Maglaras - Behind the Veil

Satyrian - Eternitas (7,5/10) - Netherlands - 2006

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 57:25
Band homepage: Satyrian


  1. Eternitas >mp3
  2. Invictus >mp3
  3. Feel The Rush
  4. My Legacy
  5. The Dark Gift
  6. Sacred Lies >mp3
  7. Bridge Of Death
  8. Fall From Grace
  9. No Tears, No Embrace
  10. The Haunted Lovers
  11. This Dream
  12. Ewigkeit
Satyrian - Eternitas 

The country is an approximation, as this is truly an international band. SATYRIAN’s members come from all over the place—there are three Germans, two Netherlanders, a Serb and a Finn. More importantly, they come from the ashes of another band, DANSE MACABRE. If I have the story right, pieced together from the official site and fan sites, the change came when the band had a falling out with DANSE MACABRE founder Gunther Theys, kicked him out and changed the name to SATYRIAN and incorporated some of the guest musicians into the nascent band. So SATYRIAN was technically born in 2004, but its roots go back to 1995.


Beyond that, SATYRIAN is quite an amalgamation. On guitars and as the composer we have Jan “Örrki” Yrlund (LACRIMOSA, DELAIN, IMPERIA), bass by Milos Marisevic, drums and percussions provided by Merijn Mol (DANSE MACABRE, THE DREAMSIDE) and then we have vocals. Okay. *deep breath* Kemi Vita (THE DREAMSIDE) and Judith “Ciara” Stüber (EVERON, guest appearances with ANCIENT RITES and DARK AT DAWN) provide the female vocals, while growls come from Roman Schönsee (PYOGENESIS, SILKE BISCHOFF, 18SUMMERS) and Oliver Phillips (EVERON) contributes both clean vocals male vocals, guitar and piano.


Okay, enough about the band, how about their sound? SATYRIAN’s playing a fairly accessible Gothic Metal, perhaps somewhere between SIRENIA (mostly because of Phillips’ incredible resemblance to Jan Kenneth Barkved), DREAMS OF SANITY, SEASON’S END and more recent AFTER FOREVER. The songs, laden with keyboards and piano, should quickly find acceptance in the border the popular and underground scenes. Some of the songs have beats one can dance to, in that appropriately Goth way.


Also appropriate for the style, the female singers are at the forefront of the music and of the promotional photography. They both have quality voices, not of the operatic or glass-shattering soprano variety, but expressive and suited for the music. Perhaps a little two suited—had I not read some band info before listening to the CD, I would have been unaware that there even were two female vocalists. It’s both a case of Kemi and Ciara sounding very similar—though I’m sure if I saw the promotional video it’d help—and the fact that the music just doesn’t explore the possibilities of two vocalists. Phillips and Schönsee are definitely in the background here, though they make their presence known in such songs as “This Dream,” where they prove that they are worth our attention and capable of keeping it. If only they’d do something that I could tell the women apart.


As befitting the style, the instruments aren’t the focus and you won’t hear many solos. But showing off technical chops isn’t what this CD’s here for, it’s to give us some enjoyable, if disposable, Gothic Metal/Rock. On that front it succeeds. “Bridge Of Death” is really the only song that breaks the style, instead presenting an evil folk dance. “Eternitas” won’t leave a lasting impression, but it’s good for what it is—a quick fix of moroseness without the sorrow and to which you can dance. (Online April 25, 2006)

Keith Stevens

Satyrian - Eternitas (Lion Music) Review by Steve Green
It's my duty to be honest with this review. And I have to confess this isn't the most original album in the world. But that doesn't bother me one jot, as I love this album from start to finish... well until the 11th of 12 tracks as my promo copy has a glitch that prevents me from hearing the finale. 
Biggest plus point for me with Eternitas is the inclusion of Kemi Vita as one of the four vocalists. Her work with The Bloodline and The Dreamside is first class, as is her performance here. She's fast becoming my favourite Gothic vocalist. And I'm talking of the richer, darker variety, not the operatic stylings of Sharon Den Adel or Liv Kristine.
But great vocals alone don't make a great album. That comes down to the songwriting...
This is my catch 22 situation. I love what the band have created aurally, I just can't give them a particularly high score for originality. (Despite my thorough enjoyment of the album). 
The title track is perfect at setting out Satyrian's stall (so to speak) for what's to come and is as infectious as it gets, with the vocals ably backed up by Oliver Philipps piano and Roman Schönsee's vocals (another Bloodline - Dreamside connection). The upbeat, almost danceable groove flows throughout the album. My Legacy and The Dark Gift hit the spot in the same way Tiamat did on Vote For Love. The latter also borrowing heavily from the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams. Still accessible, but coming from another direction, Fall From Grace and The Haunted Lovers are rockier, more original numbers. Elsewhere the pace drops for more serene moments. Feel The Rush has a more epic, dare I say, Doomy feel to it. This Dream is a lighters in the air ballad. While Bridge of Death, an acoustic Medieval ditty turns everything on it's head. One thing this album isn't is predictable. The ebb and flow of the styles took me a small while to get used to, but when absorbed, they then fitted together perfectly. 
If the catchier side of Goth is your thing, you won't find many albums better than this. Listen with an open mind and simply enjoy.

Satyrian - Eternitas

Lion Music (LMC168)

Rating - 8/10

Review Steve Atkinson

Formed in late 2002 from the ashes of three album veterans “Danse Macabre”, Satyrian hit the ground running with their new release through Lion Music. “Eternitas” is a confident collection of Gothic, darkly lyrical compositions and some beautifully orchestrated music. Elements of the Sisters Of Mercy, Evanescence and a touch of the Rammstein kind of intensity blend into an album of genuinely original ideas. The symphonic quality of the music, mixed with heavy end guitar lines and twin female lead vocals brings to mind a 2006 version of the Sisters… “This Corrosion” in many ways but has the added dimension of more reflective, almost ethereal piano lines that keep things very interesting indeed. 

Whilst “Eternitas” as a piece of work sits firmly in the Gothic genre, the clever use of vocal style in the title track pits the female lead against interspersions of death metal grunt and yet a track like “Bridge Of Death” has an almost medieval/folk resonance and sitting right next to the double kick drum barrage of “Fall From Grace”. Where the band score highly is with the production, musically they’re faultless but the depth of the mix enhances the dynamics of the overall songwriting quality, really quite original. 

I’m a bit of a virgin in respect of modern day goth rock, but if this is an example of the genre, then it deserves a little more investigation and may open my ears to a style that I’ve sadly overlooked. Clever music by a talented group of musicians and a worthy listen if you need a break from the more mainstream.

Let us know your views on 'Eternitas'

Track List

Feel the Rush
My Legacy
The Dark Gift
Sacred Lies
Bridge Of Death
Fall From Grace
No Tears, No Embrace
This Dream

Line Up

Roman Schönsee - Vocals
Kemi Vita - Vocals
Judith Stüber - Vocals
Jan Yrlund - Guitars/Programming
Oliver Philipps - Piano/vocals
Milos Marisevic - Bass
Merijn Mol - Drums & percussion

SATYRIAN Eternitas Lion Music (2006)

Satyrian morphed out of Danse Macabre which will give you some clue as to the band's musical style! It is an album of very well played and produced goth metal/rock, very reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy and up and coming UK band Season's End.

From the off it is a sea of orchestral keyboards, crunching guitars and a mix of clean female vocals and dark male vocals. The title track is simply superb and stands up to repeated plays, whilst ‘The Dark Gift' despite its gentle musical backing hints at real menace in the vocals.

Lyrically it has all the classic goth elements - blood, virgins, death, more virgins and eternity. ‘Invictus' puts many similar bands to shame, with the only downside of the album being too many songs starting off with a low key piano/orchestral keys intro.

There are many goth metal bands out there, many of whom are pedestrian at best but Satyrian are one of the best ones out there. Go buy now!



Review by Jason Ritchie

SATYRIAN ‘Eternitas’ Lion Music (2006)


   Satyrian morphed out of Danse Macabre which will give you some clue as to the band’s musical style! It is an album of very well played and produced goth metal/rock, very reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy and up & coming UK band Season’s End. From the off it is a sea of orchestral keyboards, crunching guitars and a mix of clean female vocals and dark male vocals. The title track is simply superb and stands up to repeated plays, whilst ‘The Dark Gift’ despite its gentle musical backing hints at real menace in the vocals. Lyrically it has all the classic goth elements – blood, virgins, death, more virgins and eternity. ‘Invictus’ puts many similar bands to shame, with the only downside of the album being too many songs starting off with a low key piano/orchestral keys intro.

    There are many goth metal bands out there, many of whom are pedestrian at best but Satyrian are one of the best ones out there. Go buy now!



Jason Ritchie

Reviews Editor, Get Ready To Rock!

SATYRIAN ‘Eternitas’ Lion Music (2006)

Danse Macabre is dead but it's now time for Satyrian! With 3 ex-member of danse Macabre and ex-singer from Pyogenesis (that do both clean and more aggressive voice) an underrated band from Europe that I really love, Satyrian complete the line-up with 2 female vocalist, vocally speaking the band is amazing! The vocals are the things that attract me the most. Kemi & Judith got beautiful voices and I love Roman's voice too! Musically is melodic gothic metal band and the thing that I like the most is that they got element from a lot of different genre! From dark rock to gothic, even folk passages, classical orchestration, tambourine, rainstick, piano & keyboards and also darkwave influences! And don't worry, all that blend so well together and the result is stunning! I love all the emotions that comes from those songs. You can feel that it came from the bottom of their hearts. One word can describe it all....beautiful! The only negative side is the fact that the production could have been a bit better. Not that it sound bad (far from that!) but it could have been clearer. Bottom Line: Huge piano work, the vocals are amazing, killer catchy melodies, good guitar work....a very strong work...majestic!!!

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