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Loud & Clear CD
Lion Music
Modern melodic metal MTV style from a fine Canadian band



Dischord CD
Lion Music
The Second album from Canada's finest modern metal act


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Band: Smeer

Band: Smeer
Released: 2004
Our Rating: 10
User Rating: N/A
I was really positively surprised when I finished hearing this CD, the strength and power of this Canadian quartet is just amazing.
This reviewer wonders why they haven’t had any exposure yet, this guys are going to be big!!!

Their label say that they are the Canadian response to bands like Nickelback and Godsmack, in my humble opinion they are light years away from this bands and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of this days Nickelback or Godsmack will be opening Smeer shows.

Playing a very emotional Hard Rock with powerful lyrics Ryan Leclair, Deny Boucher, Bryan Cote and Niall Mellors take you on a journey through their religious social and political beliefs making you questioning your own beliefs.
Don’t expect any stories about how they were abused when they were infants or anything like that, this is not Nu-Metal this is pure, good old fashion rock’n’roll!!!
It as been awhile since I’ve heard an album so full of possible singles, trust me all 11 songs could (should?) have their share of airtime, radio or TV.

Fast passed guitar riffs, great bass work amazing drums and the cherry on top of this cake: Ryan’s voice makes Smeer a diamond yet to be discovered by the world.

The CD starts with the fantastic “Broken” a song that has everything to be a great song to be played live, I can almost see the mosh-pits that will surely start after they start playing this song first chords, without slowing the speed comes “Down”, “I Don’t Mind” and “Snob”.
And then… another surprise “Slipping” a slow song and the intensity of all the emotion that Ryan puts in every Smeer song hits you like a hurricane, this one will make you heart cry like a baby.

Continuing in a slower tone comes “Falling Apart”, “Shame On You” follows a funny yet contagious song about God, also a song where if you still had any doubts about the talent of this four guys, those would just disappeared., followed by another fast song “So Wrong”.
The next song “Seed” I have only one word for it: BEAUTIFUL.
“Here Comes Jesus” and “To Your Sons” are the last songs of this great album, in the first they furiously profess their religious beliefs, and in “To Your Sons” a political statement that many of us subscribe.


1. Broken
2. Down
3. I Don't Mind
4. Snob
5. Slipping
6. Falling Apart
7. Shame On You
8. So Wrong
9. Seed
10.Here Comes Jesus
11.To Your Sons


Smeer – Dischord
Following quickly on the heels of Lion Music's release of Smeer's debut album earlier this year, the band release the follow up, "Dischord".
Once again these guys come up with another barnstorming, energy driven, high powered stunner, full of aggression and just as importantly, music that portrays naked emotion. Smeer are not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve; they pick the best bands in the world to emulate from the hard rock genre, those being Nickleback, 3 Doors Down, Nirvana, Creed and Metallica.
The secret of this band is the way they slip effortlessly between in-your-face rock and tender, heartfelt power ballads, e.g. "Down", "I Don't Mind" and "Slipping".  Two other tracks which fall deeper into this category are "Seed" and "To Your Sons".  The former, with its constant strings, gentle guitar and lyrics reminiscing about moving on and growing up when in actual fact what you left behind is often the important things that are missing in your later years, while the latter, "To Your Sons", is extremely relevant in these years of misguided nationalism. We need to step back from the edge of extinction and move forward up the ladder of enlightenment without fear, intimidation or being indoctrinated. Songs like these just crop up once or twice a year and the instant you hear them you wish they could be heard by a wider audience, if only the media would pick up on this music more. The important factor about this band is the word consistency, no album fillers here. As with my review of Smeer's debut album, once again I have to mention Ryan Leclair's superb vocals.
Nothing more can be said; miss this band at your peril. A stunning album of 2004, it certainly enters E.P.R.R's. best album category of 2004 from one of the hottest bands on the planet. 100%

European Progressive Rock Reviews

Smeer – Dischord
   A hard hitting, unashamedly nu-breed yet surprisingly melodic and old school outfit operating out of Toronto, Smeer debuted last year with the surprisingly classy ‘Loud And Clear’ opus (reissued earlier this year by Lion). For all my reservations, their beefed up Nickelback meets Soungarden approach was actually rather good, their youthful enthusiasm and aggression serving only to heighten the tension on their electrically charged songs. And having made such an explosive impression first time around, the quartet have wasted little time in putting the finishing touches to sophomore album ‘Dischord’. Picking up where the debut left off, some of that earlier exuberance has been curbed as the band strive to focus all their creative energies into adding depth and meaning to the songs. Consequently, the music is much more thought provoking, which means that when the crunching riffs really do let rip, the effects are that much more noticeable. ‘Dischord’ certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have a penchant for something with more of a contemporary edge, Smeer stand out from the crowd in the same way that both Ra and Prime Sth do.

review by Dave Cockett of Fireworks & Powerplay magazines


SMEER 'Loud and Clear' (Lion Music 2004)

   I normally don't listen to what I call straight ahead hard rock. So this
Finnish quartet have surprised me with debut album, 'Loud and Clear'. I use
the term nu-metal, with some reservations, as I am not entirely sure what a
nu-metal sound like. Korn, Lip Bizkit, or some of the other bands that I see
when I am flicking the music TV channels.
   To these ears, Smeer are kind of a hybrid nu-metal band with a hint of
the older Seattle bands like, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. Opener, 'What
Else Can I Do', would make an obvious single and could be a 'hit' on the
likes of Kerrang TV channel and MTV alike. 'Digging' is a heavy grooving
song, chunky riffs, underline a memorable melody laced song, that is as good
as the above mentioned bands. Smeer prove that they are not a wall of noise
all the time, 'Mother' is a slow laid back song, before building up to a
strong chorus, with some strong emotional lyrics that hit you straight in
the heart.
   Behind every riff, angry and sometimes emotional song, there is a under
lying quality of the songwriting, that shines through. Given enough
exposure, Smeer could be pretty big.

   'Loud And Clear' is proof that their is some more great music emerging
from Finland and something different from the usual bands that seem to be on
every street in Finland.

Graham Boyle
The home of classic, metal, AOR, folk & progressive rock -


"Smeer originate from Canada and were formed 6 years ago and the current line-up have been together for four years. This album was recorded in 2003 and they have now signed a European deal with Lion Music from Finland who are also to release the bands' follow up CD that will be recorded during the spring and summer of 2004"

This album turned out to be an unexpected, exciting and adrenaline pumping 45mins. This band hit you with energy, power and aggression from the onset and most importantly the vocalist, Ryan Lectair, captures your attention with his strong voice which is full of character. He is without doubt the best hard rock vocalist I have heard since James Hetfield and the virtually unknown lead singer of Revelation Theory, Rich Luzzi.
This album is for everyone who thought Metallica's "St. Anger" was disappointing when comparing it to their "Load" and "Black Album". Smeer's music also resembles Nirvana, 3 Doors Down and Creed and the aforementioned Revelation Theory.
Yes, the in your face numbers could be likened to Metallica but the more tuneful and commercial cuts are more akin to Nirvana and Creed especially on the tracks "Mother", "Condemned" and "My World" when the aggression dips and then builds for the expected explosive choruses. There are also lighter or slightly more commercial moments here but they still don't diminish Smeer's hard rock direction e.g. "Flying Blind", "Afraid" and again "My World". Yes, there is aggression here but the melody is foremost and a constant factor throughout which in turn makes this music immediately accessible yet always unpredictable. Those are the ingredients that are needed for an album to become massive; the melody has to be there without sounding bland and predictable, the rest is down to publicity and air play. Given all that, then this album could dominate not only the hard rock genre but also break into the more lucrative commercial markets. To date, April 2004, this is the hard rock album of the year, it jumps straight into E.P.R.R's. Hall Of Fame. 100%

Released through Lion Music  Records.

Review from

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Band Members

Ryan Leclair: Lead Vocals
Deny Boucher: Guitars & backing vocals
Bryan Cote: Bass & acoustic guitars
Niall Mellors: Drums

The Album

Loud And Clear

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Whar Else Can I Do
Your Time
Flying Blind
My World