Give us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute CD

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Give us Moore - Gary Moore Tribute(CD)



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Dogpound feat. Peter Tagtgren / Arabesque / Domain/ / Star Queen / Daniel Flores and Friends / Mark McGee and Luvplanet / Tony Hernando / Joop Wolters / Regi Hendrix and Craig Erickson / Eric Sands / King of Darkness  / House of Shakira /Iron Mask / Orion Riders / Lars Eric Mattsson&Chris Poland




LMC087 Release date : November 11 2004

1. Dogpound & Peter Tägtgren – Led Clones
Tuka - Drums & Cymbals
Micke - Seven Stringed Guitars
Figge - Bass
Hea - Vocals
Peter Tägtgren - Vocals on verses

2. Arabesque – She’s Got You
Katia Salemi- vocals
Joop Wolters- guitars
Frank de Groot- Bass
Marc van Mierlo- Drums
Rene Ubachs- keyboards

3. Domain – Over the Hills and Far Away
Carsten "Lizard" Schulz: vox
Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt:  guitars and harmony-vocals,
Erdmann "Erdi" Lange: -piano, Hammond-organ and harmony-vocals,
Jochen Mayer: bass and harmony-vocals
Stefan Köllner: drums

4. Star Queen – Empty Rooms
Thorbjorn Englund: guitars, keyboards
Stella Tormanoff - vocals
Peter Uvén – bass

5. Daniel Flores and Friends - Wild Frontiers
Andreas Novak - Lead Vocals
Benny Jansson - Guitars
Andreas Lindahl- Keyboard solo
Andreas Olsson - Bass

6. Mark McGee and Luvplanet - Don't Take Me For A Loser
Mark McGee - Guitars & Lead Vocals
Nicole Sutton - Harmony Vocals
Tommy Sisco - Bass
Scott McKenzie - Drums

7. Tony Hernando – Thunder Rising
Tony Hernando-All guitars,backing vocals
Ignacio Prieto-Vocals
Alvaro Tenorio-Bass
Alvaro García Novo-Drums

8. Joop Wolters – The Loner
Joop Wolters – all instruments

9. Regi Hendrix and Craig Erickson – Reach for the Sky
Backing tracks: Craig Erickson
Lead Vocals: Regi Hendrix
Backing Vocals: JMR / Regi Hendrix

10. Eric Sands - Military Man
Eric Sands - Fretless Bass, Guitars
Marc Bryant - Vocals
Rick Shoemaker - Drums
Produced by Eric Sands
Recorded at Laughing Gas Studio, Atlanta.

11. King of Darkness – Falling in Love with You
Guitar - Takahiro Hashimoto
Vocals - Genta Nakamura
Backing Vocals - Tomomi Iriguchi

12. House of Shakira – Shapes of Things
Andreas Eklund - lead vocals
Anders Lundström - guitar/keyboard
Mats Hallstensson - guitar/vocals
Per Schelander - bass/vocals
Tony Andersson - drums

13. Iron Mask – Out in the Fields
Goetz Mohre and Oliver Hartmann ,all backroung and lead vocals
Richard Andersson all lead keys
Dushan Petrossi  all accoustic and electric guitars
Vassili Moltchanov Bass
Anton Arkhipov drums,background keys

14. Orion Riders – After the War
Joe Lombardo – vocals
Antonello Condorelli – guitars
Riccardo Failla – guitars
Carmelo Siracusa – bass
Tony Zappa – drums and keyboards

15. Mattsson – Parisienne Walkways
Mikaela Mattsson – vocals
Lars Eric Mattsson – guitars, sitar, bass and keyboards
Chris Poland – special guest on outro guitar solo
Eddie Sledgehammer - drums


V/A - Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute

Lion Music

Posted: 8/9/05

Reviewed by: Dirt

Category: Hard Rock

Released: 12/7/04

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Artist URL:


I'm a huge fan of Gary Moore's 80s hard rock material.  Besides being an amazing guitar player, Moore had an originality about him.  Unfortunately, he abandoned his hard rock ways after the release of After The War.  I still believe that Corridors Of Power (1983), Victims Of The Future (1984), Run For Cover (1985), and Wild Frontier (1987), are gems that never got there due, especially in the USA.  I would imagine that Gary's lack of glamour boy looks didn't help during the image conscious 80s.


While a few too many tribute albums flooded the marketplace several years ago, I think it's great that Lion Music assembled artists to pay respect to Gary Moore.  He's not the typical artist that will pull in a lot of cash, so you can tell that this one was assembled with the right intentions.


Lion pulled their impressive roster of musicians together, as well as other artists, to deliver some killer renditions of Moore's best tracks.  While there is not a weak rendition on the platter, some of the most impressive were Domain's interpretation of my personal favorite Gary Moore song, "Over The Hills And Far Away," Daniel Flores and Friends tearing through "Wild Frontier," Mark McGee (former Vicious Rumors gutiarist) and Luvplanet's rendition of "Don't Take Me For A Loser," and Tony Hernando's amazing take on the classic "Thunder Rising." 


The Bloody Truth: Fans of guitar oriented hard rock will love this tribute.  You don't even need to know who Gary Moore is to fall in love with this disc.  But if you are a Gary Moore fan, you'll love this album for sure, plus here's a great way to get into some other artists as well.  Hopefully, Gary will even pick up a copy and decide to get back to doing what he does best.  Give us Moore, Gary!  
Chris Dugan 

15 tracks, RT: 74:30
[ ]
You probably already know if tribute albums do anything for you so
I'll spare you my general feelings about them. GIVE US MOORE! is the
long awaited celebration of Irish legend Gary Moore's music, and to my
ears is probably the best tribute disc I've heard from the Lion camp.
The disc includes 15 of Gary's best tracks, mainly from his '80s hard
rock period, as performed by artists as diverse as Dogpound, Star
Queen and Arabesque. Aside from some fairly minor flaws, the mix is
really good on this disc, and the vocals are much better than on other
Lion releases. Some of my favorites are Mark McGee (ex-Vicious Rumors)
and Luvplanet's cover of "Don't Take Me For A Loser," Regi Hendrix and
Craig Erickson's version of "Reach For The Sky," House Of Shakira's
rendition of "Shapes Of Things," and Iron Mask's take on "Out In The
Fields." The guitar playing is the main focus but the overall
musicianship is tight and everyone does a pretty commendable job. This
disc makes me want to pull out the originals and re-experience the
magic of Gary's playing, and isn't that what a tribute album should
do? Check it out... - Neal Woodall (