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Released – September 22nd 2006

Tomorrow's Eve are:
Martin LeMar - vocals
Rainer Grund - guitars
Oliver Schwickert - keys
Chris Doerr - bass
Tom Diener – drums

Jenny Klos (Cheeno) guest vocals on track 5 and 6 .
Vivien Lalu guest keys solo on track 6
Joshua Grund  special guest on track 12  

Track Listing
01 - Man Without A Name (0:46)
02 - Amnesia (6:33)
03 - Pain (3:25)
04 - The Eve Suite (9:00)
I) A Gentle Light
        II) Shelter And Hope
        III) Days Turn Into Weeks
        IV) Eve
05 - The Market Of Umbra (4:48)
06 - Not From This World (4:14)
07 - Eye For An Eye (0:59)
08 - Irreversible (4:56)
09 - Distant Murmurs (5:31)
10 - Rebirth (5:44)
11 - Human Device (5:45)
12 - The Trials Of Man (17:00)

All music written by Tomorrow's Eve.
Lyrics and concept: Martin LeMar and Daniel Z. Klein.
All Cover and Booklet artwork by C.A. Beckston.
Produced by Phil Hillen and Tomorrow's Eve.
Mixed, Recorded and Mastered by Phil Hille at Su2-Studio Illingen
Germany www.su2-studio.de




Three years after Mirror of Creation, their last studio album, Tomorrow's Eve continues the concept with Mirror of Creation II – Genesis II. Both musically and lyrically, there are clear ties to the first album, and a few questions that were left open by Mirror of Creation are answered on Genesis II.     

Musically Tomorrow’s Eve perform classical progressive metal with an emphasis on melodic vocal lines that remain very heavy at the same time. The band don't fall into predictable patterns yet still produce accessible songs, holding interesting details to discover over repeated listens.  In short: very heavy, very melodic, and very accessible.

Story Premise
A man wakes up in a dirty alley with no idea who he is. He is badly hurt and taken to a hospital, but no one seems to be missing him, and soon enough, everyone has given up on trying to find out more about his identity- Everyone except for one doctor. For her own reasons, she takes him in and tries to help him remember. Yet the more he remembers, the less he wants to. As certain fragments of his past finally return to him, he understands the he was no ordinary man, that he grew up as part of an experiment which he himself then brought to a bloody end... and the doctor who is taking care of him, who has fallen in love with him and whom he has fallen in love with, may have been involved.

Band Bio
The success of their first album "The Unexpected World" released by B. Mind Records (Berlin) , was overwhelming.  Tomorrow's Eve garnered international attention, radio play and "The Unexpected World" was even released in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine and the Baltic through IROND Records (Moscow).  The very successful album "Mirror Of Creation" followed in 2003.  During this time, tensions within Tomorrow's Eve were becoming unbearable and after the album was released, former vocalist Peter and the rhythm section Ralph and Sascha left the group, leaving Rainer Grund and Oliver Schwickert to fight it out.  After a few more line-up changes, Tom Diener and Chris Doerr joined the band until Martin LeMar finally completed Tomorrow's Eve in 2004. Meanwhile TE grew by playing Tours with artists like Paul DiAnno, Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard) and Nightingale.  In 2006 a new label was found in Lion Music (Finland) and the new material was recorded at SU2-Studios (Germany) in June. Now they are back with an impressive concept album, a sequel to Mirror of Creation. "Mirror Of Creation 2 - Genesis II"

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