MCM is alex masi on guitars,randy coven (steve vai/yngwie malmsteen/leslie west/brian setzer etc) on bass, john macaluso (tnt/yngwie malmsteen/riot etc) on drums. three musicians from different musical and geographical backgrounds who felt like trying expanding a horizon or two ... right after the initial idea of recording something together was suggested over the phone MCM (at the time still "unnamed") was contacted to perform a few shows and music clinics in mexico city. alex flew in from los angeles while randy and john arrived from new York City. "we got together as a trio for the very first time in a little dingy room inside someone's house in a wild Mexico City neighborhood for the purpose of working out some numbers to play at the gig the following night" recalls Alex, "we had pretty much nothing worked out and the equipment available in that room was atrocious but after a moment of panic something clicked and we just jammed away till they had to drag us out of that hole..." those shows in Mexico City turned out so good that everybody involved, from the three musicians to the crew to the audience itself "felt" that something magical was at work there. back in the US the now "newly baptized" MCM had to get down to the business of recording an hour's worth of music that could do justice to what happened on those stages in Mexico City. the process followed was more intuitive than rational. one idea from one of the three set off a chain reaction of ideas from the other two at different turns and the whole operation was made even more "abstract" by the fact that the bass and drums were recorded 3000 miles away from where the guitars were going to be recorded and nobody really knew what to expect from what the others were doing. it was almost like playing on a "psychic" level. the result is RITUAL FACTORY. eleven numbers that span from progressive rock to experimental jazz, from funk fusion to Indian rhythms and phrasing with the addition of "black market" a weather report classic that MCM jammed on the stages of their first tour and was wildly received. musically the sky is the limit for MCM as they have barely scratched the artistic surface of what promises to be an intense collaboration among three diverse and forward looking musicians. in the studio or on stage at a metal, jazz, ethnic and even pop event MCM will blow people's minds for a long time to come.