This story was very early a dream and a goal for 5 guys in the very south of Sweden. Some of them struggled in bands without any future. Some played with upcoming stars like Jonas Hansson and the Johansson Brothers. Some played in warm-up bands for Bruce Dickinson and Helloween amongst others. What these five guys didn´t know, was that the dream would become a realization for them in the year 2000. That year they had all finally joined Mister Kite and they went into a studio to record their first album. During the recordings Mister Kite hooked up with the people that would prove to be extremely important for the outcome of the album, like; Producer Christer Hermodsson, Coverartist Monowasp, and Lion Music’s Lasse Mattsson. It all went extremely well and in the spring of 2002 the album All In Time was released through Lion Music. Throughout 2002 the reviews came from all over the world and the total amount of nice words, good grades, well-wishing and congratulations where overwhelming. The ultimate high of 2002 was an invitation to join Dio and his band on their Scandinavian tour, which of course was a truly great experience for the band. Spring 2003 came and once again Mister Kite joined forces with the previously mentioned people for the making of a second album. Now, the recordings are done, the artwork is beautiful, the premastering is awsome, the mixing is incredible and the album sounds absolutely fantastic. So, it is our proud pleasure to be able to tell you that: MISTER KITE will return with a follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album “All in Time”. On February 18th 2004 Lion Music releases “Box of Fear” a stunning album in every aspect. The release of "Box of Fear" will on November 28 be preceded by a 3 track CD single called "The Hunger" in a strictly limited edition.