Sun Caged formed in the spring of 1999. Operating as a studio-project at first, the band members decide to transform Sun Caged into a full-time band when guitarist Marcel Coenen's band Lemur Voice broke up in the summer of 2000.

After some demo releases between 2000 and 2002 the band signed a record deal with Lion Music for worldwide release of their self titled debut album 'Sun Caged' (LMC070).

The debut album, mixed by progressive rock mastermind Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon / Star One / Stream Of Passion), was recorded in early 2003 and released on October 22nd 2003. From late 2001 on, Sun Caged start building up an impressive status within their genre by playing lots of shows, of which several are remarkably sizable. The interest shown by bookers and fans of progressive metal grows considerably. This also leads to several interviews in prominent magazines and to some shows as support act of bands like Vanden Plas and Queensryche. The band self titled debut album received a stunning reception worldwide from media and fans.

Those who try to describe Sun Caged's music will find this task to be considerable. Influences range from progressive metal to fusion and jazz, and atmospheric and ambient jaunts. The band's progressive blend excites lots of listeners because of its diversity and originality.

Back with a virtually new line-up, yet a musical nod to the past, Sun Caged return with Artemisia (LMC200) in March 2007, their second album and four years after their self titled debut.

Since the debut the band have seen almost wholesale changes in personnel with only guitarist and band founder Marcel Coenen remaining from the debut. Yet the typical Sun Caged sound is still present, if anything even richer with even more different sounds and styles than heard on the debut. The new band members and Coenen have delved deep to deliver an album that acts on creative impulses, without limiting themselves to the standard bag of tricks often heard in the progressive genre. Artemisia delivers an album full of unstoppable vocal melody, virtuoso guitar work, odd time signatures and complex chord sequences all topped off with an ultra powerful production.

Current Line-Up
Marcel Coenen - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Roel Van Helden - Drums
Paul Adrian Villarreal - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Rene Kroon - Keyboards
Roel Vink - Bass


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Sun Caged
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