Thobbe Englund, lead guitarist of Sweden's SABATON releases his second solo album filled with super intense high quality guitar playing and a fantastic tone. The album was composed and recorded while touring the world with SABATON.

Thobbe (Thorbjörn) Englund has previously released five albums with his first band WINTERLONG , two albums with STAR QUEEN and his first solo album INFLUENCES on Lion Music before joining the mega successful SABATON and is now touring the world playing for huge crowds every night.

We, at Lion Music are super happy for Thobbe's success and we are very proud to offer you his new outstanding solo album with ten tracks of outstanding quality.

At age 10 Thorbjorn got his first guitar. Practicing was never in sight at that stage as he just played it for fun. As time went by the guitar began to take an even bigger place in his life, and at age 14 he formed his first band "Endomorph" with some school buddies. Thorbjorn left Endomorph in ´98 which had been the "ignition" for both him and the drummer Tony, who also came to join Winterlong at a later stage.

The years with Endomorph were more or less successful and the band recorded several demo tapes which received good critics from listeners, and at the peak of their attempt to conquer, they got the opportunity to perform as opening-act for John Norum. However, Thorbjorn was playing bass in the end of Endomorph´s career since the group couldn´t find a bass player suitable enough, and the guitar was, so to say "put a side" for some years. - But only in the spotlight though…

After watching a video with the Swedish neo-shredder Yngwie Malmsteen, Thorbjorn were so stunned by the beauty and furious technique in the playing of Malmsteen that he decided that the guitar was the right instrument for him, and now when he knew what one could do with a guitar the struggle began.

He knew that hard practice was the only key to obtain the skills that of a master and that there was no way around it. Sacrificing almost everything, and with no interest and care about the world outside, lost in the realms of the guitar he begun to unlock the mystery of modes, arpeggios, how the notes where connected into scales, and how every scale where connected to another, and suddenly, after years of "blood sweat and tears" it all opened up, and there where no longer any mental obstacles ahead, only that which you limit by imagination.

Inspired by Malmsteen he also learned about other masters such as Joe Satriani, Kee Marcello, Marty Friedman etc. but seeking inspiration outside the guitar genre, such as violin music and even folk music proved also to be very stimulating, both in the sense of composing and arranging, but also just plain inspiration in how the improvisation of a virtuoso can contribute such a living feel to the pieces, due to that emotional yet dramatic and fast style of wild playing -regardless which instrument is chosen. And when he discovered Vanessa Mae´s astonishing classical work there was just another push into the classical direction…

During the dark years of practicing Thorbjorn gathered with some old friends (Hussni, Erik and Tony) who shared the same taste in music and so they formed Winterlong -a group with an energy and "alive"-feeling so strong that it’s impossible to be left untouched! Their rough edge melodic metal, spinal-shivering vocals, and roaring guitars is something that will be heard all over the world.

In the Long winter of 2002 Thorbjorn took on the task of composing a whole new sound of metal-style with the extremely talented singer/composer Stella Tormanoff. This cd, which turned out to be a very big step ahead for him as both guitarist and songwriter is something very special and differs from every style of metal-music you have ever heard. The results of the collaboration can be heard on the "Starqueen -Faithbringer"- album, released by Lion Music.

In the beginning of 2002 Thorbjorn was given the wonderful opportunity to play a quest solo on the solo album by keyboard wizard Mistheria (Messenger Of The Gods) and was also asked by Lion Music to make a cover-version of the Uli John Roth-song "Indian Dawn" which appeared on "Beyond Inspirtation - A Tribute to Uli John Roth"-album released in December 2002.

Thorbjorn also composed an instrumental song for the "Tribute to Jason Becker II" album with guest appearance by Stella Tormanoff.

In the spring of 2002 the members of Winterlong dissolved, leaving only Thorbjorn and his guitar to fight the battle on their own. The second Winterlong album was recorded with a completely new line-up; with Thorbjorn handling all the guitars and bass, as well as the vocal lines and lyrics, Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, Malmsteen) and Andreas Lill from Vanden Plas contributed drums, with the singer slot being filled by the soaring voice of Mikael Holm, who is a very talented musician with a somewhat Dio-style voice. The keys were once again handled by Mistheria. Press reviews were excellent and this led to follow up, the self titled “Winterlong” album which saw the same stellar reviews. 2006 saw Thorbjorn create the fourth Winterlong album with changes in line-up again taking place. The new sound of “Metal / Technology” saw the band blend their neo-classical sound with more modern metal practices.

2006 also saw Thorbjorn release his first instrumental solo album on Lion Music entitled “Influences” which is home to 16 tracks spanning the parts which make up Englund the player.



Thorbjorn Englund
From the Wilderness
Thorbjorn Englund
Longing For Winter
Valley Of The Lost

Metal Technology
Second Coming
Star Queen

Star Queen
Your True Self
Uli Jon Roth tribute
Beyond Inspiration
Out Now
Jason Becker Tribute
Warmth In The Wilderness vol.2
Out Now
Messenger Of The Gods