Twinspirits is a band born in 2004 from the experience of Daniele Liverani. While working on the last chapter of Genius Rock Opera, Daniele felt the urge of going back to a real band combo, sharing his songwriting skills with some of the most talented and promising young musicians he stumbled across in the last decade.

Genius Rock Opera drummer Dario Ciccioni was his first choice to cover the drummer role, and they were both quite shocked when they first saw Tommy Ermolli playing guitar, being a 13 years old prodigy with brilliant technique and an uncommon sense of melody. The three of them were joined soon by bass player Alberto Rigoni, who was previously hired for a cover band project showing great attitude and a natural approach to progressive music. With this 4-members combo ready to take off, Daniele was still looking for a fitting singer. Danish powerful voice of Søren Adamsen was the first choice among several well-known/unknown auditioners from all over the world. With this team now complete, the release of a full-length album was a matter of 6 months.

"The Music That Will Heal The World" was released by Lion Music and worldwide distributed in June 2007, followed by a promotional Italian tour in the beginning of 2008. Sadly, Søren wasn't available for the tour and later on he had to quit the band for personal reasons.

In September 2008, after another stressful auditioning process, the band recruited Swedish vocalist Göran Nyström for his extreme versatility on both melodic and heavy musical directions.

One year later in 2009 Twinspirits released the concept album "The Forbidden City" (Lion Music), and hit the road with an extensive tour in 2010. From this album a video single of song “Number One” was shot and released in 2010.

Finally with a stable line up, the band progressed into another chapter and started to work at the 3rd album in spring 2010 and now it's ready for its release. The album is titled “Legacy” and features 6 powerful songs and a very challenging 30 minute suite divided in 5 parts with symphonic intro.

The band is going to get back on the road in spring 2011 promoting the new album with a tour and some European festivals.

Twinspirits are

Lead and backing vocals : Göran Nyström
Guitars : Tommy Ermolli
Keyboards : Daniele Liverani
Bass : Alberto Rigoni
Drums and Percussions : Dario Ciccioni



Out 18-2-2011

The Forbidden City
Out now

The Music That Will Heal The World
Out now