Imagine Evanescence mixed with Enigma goes Kate Bush.....enter: XANIMA.

X Anima is new original music, with beautiful melodies, perfect grooves and excellent sound design. It's all a creative combination of pop-rockelectronica with elements of symphonic mixes. It's dark, light, fantasy, heaven and hell...

How does a band go about creating new music? This question should be asked of X Anima, for on their new album they have created, not only new and innovative music - but also keenly individual and inspired songs. The lyrics tell stories of mysteries in modern times, such as the mind of a serial killer, the phenomenon of poltergeist, Jonestown - the power of the spirit and mind and the life after death. By uniting a voice which is ranging from an airy sound to rocky -sometimes almost operatic - combined with electronic synthesizers, a mean electric guitar with heavy riffs and ethnic sounds - X Anima has created music - which in their own classification could be called art rock/electronic.

X Anima started as a project in February 2007. At first it was created and only existing in cyber space - but later on it turned into a live band with excellent musicians turning the story of X Anima live.

Jade Ell (vocals and piano) is a true live artist - having performed at many different venues in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Holland and US. She is both her own artist as well as an established songwriter, and her songs have been recorded by many international artists. The last year she had #1 in Mexico, Brazil and the US - with the Mexican pop act RBD.

Pelle Händén (keyboards and synthesizers) started out in the 80's making several solo albums and scores. He has also produced - and worked with such artists as Björn J:son Lind and Janne Shaffer amongst others. Together with the female vocalist Magoria, ha made the album "The Divine Child" -
which sold 80 000 copies in Russia.


Inside Warrior
Out Now