Eleven years after their second album was released Condition Red are back with a single. Tomorrow Never Knows was written by John Lennon in 1966 and was the last track on the Beatles "Revolver" album. At the time this revolutionary track marked the beginning of something completely new in music. Pop music was no longer innocent and harmless.

With this new version Condition Red have taken the iconic classic rock track and made something completely different.

Condition Red are currently writing and planning for a new album that is to be released during 2016. This single will NOT be included on the next album.

Condition Red    (2001/2014)
II   (2004/2014)

Condition Red also appears on these tribute albums:

Warmth in the Wilderness - A Tribute to Jason Becker vol II - "Bach in the Streets" (2002)
The Spirit Lives On - The Music of Jimi hendrix Revisited vol II  - "Villanova Junction" (2004)
Blackmore's Castle - A Tribute to Deep Purple and Rainbow - "Still I'm Sad", "Black Night" (2003)

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Condition Red
Condition Red

01. Tomorrow Never Knows

Lars Eric Mattsson – vox, guitars and bass
Eddie Sledgehammer – Drums
Alexander King - keyboards