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RELEASED: 5-12-2008


1. To Slowly Fade Away
2. Turn This World Around
3. Welcome to My Dream World
4. Back to Your Grace
5. For Mother Earth
6. Leave Me Here
7. My Emptiness
8. Darkness Will Fall
9. Wondrous Stories

Eliza Pezzuto - Lead and backing vocals.
Eddie Sledgehammer – Drums.
Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals on “For Mother Earth” .
The Astral Orchestra – strings and woodwinds

Produced by Lars Eric Mattsson
Recorded by Luca Bellanova, Italy and Lars Eric Mattsson, Finland.
Artwork by Carl Andre Beckston.


ELI is a Gothic Metal act fronted by Italian singer Eliza Pezzuto. The debut album "Darkness Will Fall" is to be released by Lion Music on December 5th 2008. “Darkness Will Fall” sees gothic metal fused with symphonic and progressive elements blended to make an accessible album created to showcase the vocal abilities of Eli.

The album has some traits that can be compared to Evanescence or Within Temptation yet the album has its own flavour and unique personality with its strong classical and symphonic edge. The music shows an expansion of the musical styling’s Lars Eric Mattsson has turned to in recent years, yet “Darkness Will Fall” should be considered more of a framework for the vocals of Eli. Lyrically the album touches on personal relationships, how mankind is treating planet and more.

The album was written between January 2008 and July 2008 and the recordings took place in Finland (music) and Italy (vocals). All the music was composed and produced by Lars Eric Mattsson. The actual recordings for “Darkness Will Fall” took place between March and September 2008 and was mixed in October at the new Lion’s Cage studio, Finland.

• Début album from a great new female vocal talent.
• Modern and accessible Gothic metal with progressive and symphonic elements.
• Reviews in all leading rock/metal printed and electronic press.
• Eli is available for interview, please send your requests to
• Extensive web advertising campaign.