Released September 14th 2007


1. My Own Sin
2. Glass Jar
3. Born A Winner
4. Human Hologram
5.Dead And Gone
6. Not Welcome Here
7. Blind
8. One
9. Other Way Around
10. In A Life
11. Away From Me
12. Undivided
13. You And Me
14. Rain Must Fall

Henrik "Hea" Andersson: Vocals
Micke Dahlqvist: Guitars
Figge Danielsson: Bass
Calle "Tuka" Boman: Drums

Produced by Peter Tägtgren & Dogpound.
Engineered by Dogpound
Mixed by Peter Tägtgren in Studio Abyss

A Night In The Gutter

The Hellbum


Swedish melodic metallers Dogpound mark their return with their third album simply entitled “III”. Almost 2 years after their critically acclaimed ‘A Night In The Gutter’, “III” sees the Dogpound trademark hook filled approach reach new highs with a powerful production perfectly allowing the bands best songs thus far to soar with a potent mix of strong musical hooks and infectious vocals melodies.

For “III” the band wrote 25 songs which were reduced to the 14 you ultimately hear on the album today. This differs to the approach the band took on their previous 2 releases the aforementioned ‘Night In The Gutter’ and ‘The Hellbum’. Guitarist Micke Dahlqvis comments, “On the earlier albums we pretty much recorded all of the songs that we had at the moment but this time the songs had time to grow into shape which made it easier to see which songs should be on the disc or not. Lyrically, there’s still a lot of black humour involved, but maybe with a twist of seriousness this time around due to sheer amount of disturbing stuff going on in the world”.

Musically “III” the band sounding hungrier than ever with a slightly heavier sound which can be seen as a natural evolution over the course of the bands three albums. With their inspiration coming from the diverse nature of the bands influences all helps add to the unique Dogpound style. Although maybe not being obvious these influences directly influence the end Dogpound product. The bands aim with “III” was quite simple – to do it all better than they’d done before. On the result drummer Tuka simply states, “the result was way beyond our expectations, take a listen and decide for yourself”.

» Dogpound have been hailed by rock press worldwide as one of the most exciting new bands on the melodic metal scene delivering a fresh new sound to the genre which is totally identifiable as their own.
» III follows on from the critically acclaimed album “The Hellbum” and “A Night In The Gutter”