Released March 21st 2008


01. Prelude to Life
02. I’m Coming Home
03. Dream Child
04. Killing Everything
05. This is Our Time
06. See the Dreamer Behold
07. Until Our Last Goodbye
08. Moonlight Dream
09. Heart of a Clown
10. Life in the Shadows
11. Heaven and Hell Unite
12. Goodbye

Adrienn Antal - Lead and backing vocals.
Björn Lodin - Additional vocals.
Eddie Sledgehammer - Drums.
Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitars, bass, keyboards and voices.
Strings and Woodwinds - The Astral Orchestra

All music and lyrics composed by Lars Eric Mattsson
Published by Lion Music LTD
Composed, mixed, recorded and produced by Lars Eric Mattsson at the New Lion’s Cage. Additional recordings by Adrienn Antal in Hungary and Bjorn Lodin in Sweden.
Composed and recorded between October 2006 and December 2007




“Dream Child” is the latest release to come from prolific composer and guitarist Lars Eric Mattsson which introduces the stunning new female vocalist Adrienn Antal. “Dream Child” represents the most solid album to date from Mattsson, building upon the solid foundation laid by 2005’s “War” the new album sees symphonic metal mixed with progressive and gothic elements spiced up with world music inflections to create an album which in Mattsson’s own words is “as complete as possible”.

“Dream Child” is a fine blend of interesting and deep compositions within great songs. The album took 15 months to complete with Mattsson taking great care to arrange and record very precisely with many ideas being reworked during this process to bring you the album you hear today.

The material on “Dream Child” is better structured and more accessible than before and with the inclusion of strings and woodwinds (courtesy of The Astral Orchestra) along with better recording and mixing techniques all show how Mattsson applies the musical influences he has gathered since day one making Mattsson in 2008 a unique experience.

On his new vocalist, Mattsson proudly states, “Adrienn Antal is the best singer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a great voice, is very musical and we click together extremely well. Adrienn Antal is the star of this album. Without her the songs would not have come to life in the way they have, and in my view the main quality boost comes from Adrienn Antal”. Adding further depth to the vocal arrangements are the inclusion of vocals from Björn Lodin (Baltimoore) who will be a name familiar to fans of numerous albums from Lars over the years.

“Dream Child” is a potent new album and sound for 2008.

» Interviews and reviews in all leading rock/metal press and webzines. To arrange an interview with Lars or Adrienn contact
» Dream Child is the strongest work to date from Lars Eric Mattsson.
» New vocalist Adrienn Antal vocals will appeal to fans of bands such as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil.
» Stunning artwork by Carl André Beckson